No Work Permit Application Received For R. Kelly

May 16, 2018

The Minister of Home Affairs Walton Brown has confirmed that “no application for a work permit has been received for the entertainer, R. Kelly.”

“When considering the approval of a work permit, the Minister is required to take into consideration the character of the person,” the Ministry said. “The Minister takes very seriously any allegations made continuously over a number of years regarding a person’s character.”

Minister Brown said, “I would normally not comment on individual cases but, due to the heightened public concern, I feel compelled to comment in this instance.”

The Minister’s comments follow after reports that R. Kelly, who has been been the subject of multiple allegations involving sexually abusing minors and child pornography over the past two decades, may have been scheduled to perform in Bermuda.

Spotify recently that it would remove Mr. Kelly from its official playlists, and a #MuteRKelly movement recently launched aiming to “eradicate R. Kelly from the music industry forever.”

Noting that he has been “embroiled in sexual abuse scandals with multiple under-aged girls for the past two decades,” the MuteRKelly websites states that he “has managed to tour all over the country, collaborate with other artists, and put out new music even while being the subject of numerous troubling investigative reports.”

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  1. Izzypop says:

    Guilty until proven innocent

    • I guess no visits from Bill O’reilly Trump and all the other sexist Right Wing scumbags.

      • Question says:

        Being sexist is not the same as being a serial rapist.

        • I knew a right wing supporter would defend these wealthy roaches, like Trump said ” if you have money you can grab them by the p—- .
          Gotcha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • aceboy says:

        Did Beyone have a work permit?

      • heather ysseldyke says:

        Add Bill Clinton

      • SMH says:

        ah, your heros

  2. San Patrick says:

    They got Bill Cosby, now its R. Kelly’s turn. If you are not a gardener you are a target – get use to it.

  3. facts of the rock says:

    we have enough trash in Bermuda without importing more!

    • Southampton says:

      Well put “facts of the rock”.
      We do enough trash on this island.

      • puzzled says:

        That deserves the Pond Dog of the Year Award