NSC Plans Walk Of Fame To Celebrate Sports

May 7, 2018

Life-size pictures of Bermudians who have excelled in sport could soon adorn the National Sports Centre as plans take shape for a Walk of Fame to celebrate their achievements.

Last year, sporting bodies across the Island – ranging from athletics to football to powerboating and even Sanshou – were asked to nominate people who they thought excelled at their sports.

Now a final list has been decided and some of the athletes included are triathlete Flora Duffy, boxer Clarence Hill, cricket player Clarence Parfitt and high jumper Clarence ‘Nicky’ Saunders.

Board Chairman Sean Tucker said: “As we have just seen in the Commonwealth Games and the recent triathlon, Bermuda has some outstanding athletes who are worthy of recognition and who do the Island proud! Flora Duffy is an outstanding athlete and ambassador.

Motorcade last week celebrating Clarence ‘Nicky’ Saunders & Flora Duffy

“But we also want to honour other sports stars from the past and there are people like Clyde Best who was a pioneer in the way he paved the way for black footballers in the UK. We are happy to accept more nominations.”

The Walk of Fame will lead from the entrance to the NSC along the 150ft path between the Aquatics Centre and the multi-purpose hockey pitch and will consist of life-size pictures of the sports men and women.

Mr Tucker added: “We are offering the business community the opportunity to sponsor an athlete or sporting category in this innovative display which will launch at the end of June. We hope to be able to raise the funds to do this through sponsorships.

“Some of the funds raised will aid in the continuous upgrade of the Centre, providing a state of the art facility for our athletes to train and compete, and a facility our community can be proud of to host international events.

“We think it is a very worthwhile project that will showcase past and present sporting heroes which will be of interest to the public and hopefully inspire others to compete at the highest level.”

The full list of sports stars is:

  • Football – Clyde Best
  • Boxing – Clarence Hill
  • Athletics – Clarence ‘Nicky’ Saunders
  • Triathlon – Flora Duffy
  • Triathlon – Tyler Butterfield
  • Swimming – Victor Ruberry
  • Diving – Katura Horton-Perinchief
  • Hockey – Emma Simmons
  • Volleyball – Lisa LeBlanc
  • Cricket – Clarence Parfitt

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    No sailors.

  2. Elevate says:

    Very disappointed to not see Brian Wellman’s name on this list. Kudos to Clarence “Nicky” Saunders. However, Brian Wellman’s achievements are out of this world! He was a world champion…multiple Olympian… he has medals from multiple major championships…HOW is he not on this list!!!???!!! Very unfortunate. Even if each sport was only allowed one nominee. He should have been it! I am unsure what the criteria was for selection, but I guarantee you that Mr Wellman meets EVERY SINGLE ONE…disappointed in the selection committee on this one.