Teachers’ Union ‘Given Up’ On Minister Meeting

May 30, 2018

[Updated] The Bermuda Union of Teachers today [May 30] said they welcomed a Ministerial commitment to meet to discuss how to implement a wide-ranging strategy for the future of education – but had yet to be given a date.

Last year Minister of Education Diallo Rabain outlined Plan 2022 and recently gave an update in the House of Assembly where he outlined progress made by Ministry staff in implementing the five strategic priorities; 43 key outcomes; 15 areas of action and 55 strategies contained in the plan.

The Minister told the House: “This foundational work will be completed during the month of May. After which, meetings will be held with all technical and support staff, teachers, principals, custodians and students across the entire public school system to share the details of the delivery plans and the role each will have to ensure corporate execution and delivery.”

Shannon James, the President of the Bermuda Union of Teachers, said although the BUT had had input into Plan 2022, the Union had since heard nothing from the Minister and had given up trying to get a meeting to talk about issues affecting members.

“It has been silent, no meetings and no indication of meetings,” said Mr James. “We had significant input into Plan 2022 and we very much look forward to hear details of the Ministry’s delivery plan, but since he was appointed Minister there has been no meeting with the BUT.

“We understand that Plan 2022 is important, but we have given up trying to arrange a formal meeting to discuss other, on-going issues.

“For instance, the Government pledged to introduce wi-fi to all schools, but that has yet to happen. We were criticized for highlighting wi-fi, but with respect, people missed the point.

“It is a sign of a wider issue, of a lack of resources in our schools. Too often we hear stories of teachers digging into their own pockets to buy basic supplies, such as paper and books. That should not be happening.”

Mr James said the Minister’s update appeared to indicate that teachers would be subject to performance appraisals, but in fact the appraisals are for Ministry personnel. “Everything has been about Ministry personnel, they have not involved all the stakeholders. It is as if they going to present us with a fait accompli when we do eventually meet,” said Mr James.

Update May 31, 7.05pm: Minister of Education and Workforce Development Diallo Rabain said, “This Government has and will always understand the importance of having a good relationship with our Union partners. While disappointed at this latest release from the BUT, we remain committed to maintaining good relations with our Union partners. The Ministry will contact the BUT to determine their availability to meet and will issue a further statement after that meeting has taken place.”

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Comments (24)

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  1. Wahoo says:

    Just be patient the minister is a very busy man he cannot just drop everything he is doing. 2022 is a long way off and by then we will have gone through 4 or 5 ministers anyway so not his problem.

    • Facts over Political hats!! says:



    • Black Soil says:

      “We had to deceive you” comes to mind just about now.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    “the Union had since heard nothing from the Minister and had given up trying to get a meeting to talk about issues affecting members”

    Trouble in paradise?

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      The PLP are so much about our youth and education lmfao….gimme a break bra! (Not to say OBA was any better)

    • Black Soil says:

      The PLP think they have control over the unions. Ya Right!!!! The unions think their PLP “brothers” will give them what they want. Ya Right!!!!

    • Earth watch police says:

      F@@k the but you all partook in political grandstanding never once did you look out for the students or teachers your disgusting.

  3. Channing T. Seymour says:

    Sad and this is a tell tail sign that our holidays are more important than the future of this country. Time to put education 1st !!

  4. Justin says:

    Shut up, you are getting what you voted for.

  5. Jerry Garcia says:

    What did you expect,more grandstanding by the minister.

    • Paul says:

      Come on you lot,the education minister is to busy with photo ops and choosing the right bow ties, he will evetually return your calls.

  6. kevin says:

    not sure what is the issue …when the PLP say it is a 2022 plan thats when they intend to start not finish……you seriously didnt expect them to get this done now and finish then ,Its not how they do things
    get real

  7. puzzled says:

    Follow the money.

  8. Onion says:

    Buyer’s remorse for the Unions now.

  9. nerema says:

    It’s called ‘Plan 2022′. Today it’s 2018. So don’t tell me you expected things to happen with any urgency.

    This is what y’all voted for.

    • wahoo says:

      Well 2022 is an improvement, in 2017 they said they had a 2025 plan! So 3 years shaved off de platform promises – now that is working hard for Bermudians! Haha….err…it would be funnier but it really is not at all funny when you think about what a mess we have got ourselves into. One wonders whether the plp really want educated voters at all.

      24-12 baby! That is all that counts just the numbers.

  10. inna says:

    But i thought all of Bermuda problems went away now that the PLP is back in power?

  11. holidays are the most important issue says:

    children can wait…after all do we want the next generation intelligent enough to vote against independence? Probably not. when is the next march on parliament going to happen? Those marches seemed to happen all the time when the union and plp wasn’t happy with the way things were being run…
    Will the ABUT have one next week?- I vote for this coming Monday so that the kids and teachers can have a long weekend between Bermuda Day and Heroes day….

  12. Mother Theresa says:

    This should come as no surprise. Typical of the PLP.

  13. Smiths says:

    2022 is when the PLP want independence…..gosh you people are blind.

  14. Politricks says:

    If I recall wasn’t the WiFi installation in schools part of the first 100 day promises of the new administration? Why hasn’t it happened as of yet?

  15. Rocky5 says:

    Such a double standard by Teachers Union. They’d have MARCHED LONG ago if OBA had behaved like Min. Rabain!!

  16. cpm says:

    Any mold in schools?

  17. trott says:

    Guess we should have stuck to our guns last year and not stopped our work to rule! Oh well life of a teacher continues.