Collaborative Think Tank On Homelessness Held

May 24, 2018 | 2 Comments

The Women’s Resource Centre and The Habitat for Humanity recently jointly hosted a collaborative think tank discussion on “what has become a major issue for Bermuda’s most vulnerable families: homelessness.”

A spokesperson said, “The Women’s Resource Centre and The Habitat for Humanity recently jointly hosted a collaborative Think Tank discussion on what has become a major issue for Bermuda’s most vulnerable families, Homelessness. While the specter of homelessness among the single male population is obvious for anyone to see, homelessness among mothers with children is much more hidden yet hugely damaging to the family who virtually wonder daily where they will be sleeping next.

“Representatives from 18 organizations and Government departments, and community citizens were represented, and there was a clear consensus that there is a need for both emergency housing for women escaping abusive situations and transitional housing for homeless families.

“Although the population of homeless families is largely hidden, there is a general agreement among the agencies serving the population that the need is substantial and the issue is demanding of our attention. It was generally agreed that the goal is to create a safe, holistic, supportive and therapeutic environment for homeless families, while empowering them to become independent and self-sufficient.

“Such an environment should offer or provide a comprehensive range of services and opportunities including but not limited to counseling, substance abuse rehab, job readiness, further education, and training and life skills. These services should be of high quality, client-centered, strength based and delivered with respect, dignity, empathy and compassion.

“Organizations represented in attendance included the Ministry of Social Development & Sports, The Bermuda Housing Corporation, Habitat for Humanity, The Women’s Resource Centre, The Centre Against Abuse, The Coalition for Protection of Children, Under Konstruction, Workforce Development, The Salvation Army, Teen Services, The Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist Church, The Family Centre, Cripps Foundation, Child & Family Services, Bermuda Anger Management, Mediation and Professional Services, The Bank of Bermuda Foundation, and three formerly homeless community members.

“Next steps include the establishment of a Steering Committee to lead the project going forward, examine and adopt best practice models internationally, and the development of a collaborative data base that would bring us closer to an estimate of the actual magnitude of the problem of homelessness among families.”

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  1. Community First says:

    How we treat our most disadvantaged is a vital sign of who we are as a people.

    How many people/families in Bermuda lack access to healthy food, clean water and safe housing?

    Wishing you all success in identifying the best way to house our current homeless population in particular our families with children.

    What is the capacity of our Bermuda Housing Corporation and are there any renovations, builds or acquisitions in development? A long waiting list is very concerning. Is there any kind of programme that pays landlords directly to rent their vacant or available properties to house these families?

    Serving this population is often described as complicated by mental health and addiction issues so we must find better ways to address those and other factors to bring safety to all children.

  2. overboardhope says:

    Unfortunately, some of our homeless population, are people who need to stay on their medications.

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