Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For April 2018

May 2, 2018

Bernews posted more than 200 videos across our various social networks during April 2018, and the top ten most viewed on YouTube included a look at the new ‘Carnival Horizon’ cruise ship, a go-kart driving on the street, the hammerhead shark, aerial footage of WTS elite triathletes’ test ride and a weigh-in of a 431.1lb bluefin tuna.

As far as Facebook videos, the top one for the month was a live video of the scene at the airport after an incident with a small private plane, with over 22,000 views, the second was a live video of the amateur triathlon race with over 10,000 views, and the third was a live video of the opening ceremony for World Triathlon Weekend.

Top 10 Videos 2018 April

As far as live Periscope videos, the top one for the month was a video of Bounce for Autism event, the second was a look at the Xtreme Sports Games, and the third was the Wine Tasting & Chocolate Pairing.

On Instagram, the most viewed video for the month was the weather conditions, the second was Flora Duffy’s gold medal win at the Commonwealth Games, and the third was the Heritage Nursery and Preschool Cultural Fashion Show.

The most watched Twitter video was Antoine Jones reporting on CARIFTA games, the second was a video of a shark, while the third was the Bernews Morning Newsflash on April 25.

#1 – A Look At The New ‘Carnival Horizon’ Cruise Ship, April 2

#2 – Police Video: Go Kart Driving On Street, April 16

#3 – Hammerhead Shark Video Goes Viral, April 3

#4 – Aerial Footage: WTS Elite Triathletes’ Test Ride, April 27

#5 – Truck Upended, April 24

#6 – Sink Hole On North Shore Road, April 2

#7 – Unoccupied Car Crashes Through Wall, April 11

#8 – Triathlon Elite Athletes’ Familiarisation Ride, April 27

#9 – Weigh-In Of 431.1lb Bluefin Tuna, April 22 2018

#10 – Emergency Services At Collision Scene, April 18

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