Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For May 2018

May 31, 2018

Bernews posted more than 150 videos across our various social networks during May 2018, and the top ten most viewed videos on YouTube included Anthony Swan urging people to unite, a Thomson flight diverting to Bermuda, police confirming a shooting on Front Street, the luxury ‘Overlook’ property, whale footage, the Santacruzan & Flores de Mayo celebrations, and Mustafa Ingham at the Volvo Ocean Race Academy.

Top 10 Videos May 2018

As far as Facebook videos, the top one for the month was a live video of the scene at the airport after an incident with small private plane with over 27,000 views, the second was a live video of the Bermuda Day Heritage Parade, and the third was a live video of the Filipino community celebrating Flores de Mayo and Santacruzan.

As far as live Periscope videos, the top one for the month was a video of the start of the Bermuda Half Marathon Derby, the second was the volleyball tournament, and the third was Somersfield Academy’s Spring Fair.

On Instagram, the most viewed video for the month was a video of Fox News referencing Bermuda shorts, the second was a look at luxury living at the ‘Overlook’ property, and the third was a video of Jessica Lewis delivering a win in front of a home crowd.

The most watched Twitter video was the ‘Overlook’ property, the second was a video of Bermudian Anthony Swan urging everyone to unite, while the third was the Bernews Morning Newsflash on May 17.

#1 – Anthony Swan Urges Everyone To Unite, May 3

#2 – Thomson Flight Diverts To Bermuda Due To Passenger, May 4

#3 – Police Confirm Shooting On Front Street, May 16

#4 – Luxury ‘Overlook’ Property For Sale, May 9

#5 – Footage Circulating Showing Aftermath at Docksider, May 16

#6 – Altercation On Reid Street In Hamilton, May 13

#7 – Stevenson’s Aerial Footage Of Whales In Bermuda, May 8

#8 – Stevenson’s ‘Dancing Whales In Bermuda’ Video, May 8

#9 – Santacruzan & Flores De Mayo Celebration, May 27

#10 – Mustafa Ingham At Volvo Ocean Race Academy, May 22

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