Minister Updates: School System Strategic Plan

May 11, 2018

Speaking in the House of Assembly today [May 11], Minister of Education and Workforce Development Diallo Rabain provided an update on the work that technical officers in the Department of Education are currently undertaking to “effectively execute on the Public School System’s strategic plan – Plan 2022.”

The Minister’s full statement follows below:

Mr. Speaker,

This morning I am most pleased to provide my Honourable colleagues with an update on the foundational work that the technical officers in the Department of Education is currently framing to effectively execute on the Public School System’s strategic plan – that is, Plan 2022.

Mr. Speaker,

As a backdrop and a reminder to my Honourable colleagues, Plan 2022 is a community-based and community-driven strategic plan for public school education. Plan 2022 was developed based on input, suggestions, convictions, vision, concerns and views shared by a diversity of individuals across the island. These individuals include the general public, social groups, business person associations, public school principals and deputies, pre-school administrators, union executives, private school principals, teachers, school custodians, PTAs, senior school students, leadership teams in government, church groups, Bermuda College faculty, the local fraternity community, the Bermuda Technical Institute Alumni, the Mirrors leadership team and their students, members of the Bermuda Education Network, members of this Government and members of the Opposition. All feedback gathered from community conversations held was documented to provide us with what we have today – a strategic plan that is relevant to the needs of our children and their future.

Mr. Speaker,

It was important to specify again all the community contributors who were involved in the strategic planning process as there is a quote that states: ‘repetition helps one to internalize”. In this instance, it is critically important to remind each of us that although the Department of Education is at the core of championing the execution of the goals and strategies of the public school strategic plan, each and every one of us – the entire general community – has a unique measure to add to ensure that the delivery of Plan 2022 for the transformation of public school education is a success.

I particularly emphasize this for my honourable colleagues across the other side of this floor who may believe that they are excluded, and it is just the responsibility of the Government and the technical officers in the Department. We all have a part to play; we all must internalize and commit to Plan 2022; in the best interest of our public school students and in the best interest of the future of Bermuda.

Mr. Speaker,

I will now share some of the work that the technical officers in the Department of Education have undertaken to progress Plan 2022. In summary, let me state that Plan 2022 comprises:

  • Five [5] Strategic Priorities;
  • Forty three [43] Key Outcomes;
  • Fifteen [15] Areas of Action; and,
  • Fifty-five [55] Strategies.

During the past three months senior leaders, managers and technical officers have focused on Strategy 5.1.5: Compliance and Quality Assurance: Ensuring the strategic plan’s measures of success and operational plans are clear, measured and used for accountability. This groundwork is essential to lay at the front end; as accountability will be the driving force for the execution and delivery of all fifty five strategies outlined in Plan 2022. It our intent to be accountable, responsible and answerable for the work carried out for Plan 2022.

Mr. Speaker,

The leadership team at the Department of Education is currently developing specific delivery plans of action for each strategy in Plan 2022. These delivery plans comprise a series of actions to be undertaken to achieve the strategic outcomes. To give my Honourable colleagues an example of such actions that are being planned I share the following:

  • Each strategy will have assigned ownership to a specific leader;
  • Delivery plans are being linked to the performance appraisals of all staff as the 2018/19 forward job plan objectives are being prepared;
  • Specific timelines are being set as deadlines for achieving the strategies;
  • Assigned time will be taken each month for teams to ‘huddle’ and review progress on the execution of strategies and/or problem solve; and,
  • Monthly reporting on progress will be provided to all Department of Education staff, the Minister, the Board of Education, parents and the general community.

Mr. Speaker,

A data team has been formed comprising officers in the Department of Education with highly technical data skills. The data team will: identify data that must be collected for each key outcome; set timelines for data collection; set up a data collection and storage system; and, collect data on an on-going basis. Data will be important to measure progress.

All senior leaders have been instructed to place Plan 2022 on the agenda of their monthly team meetings; meet with officers who are leading the implementation of delivery plans twice per month; and, provide written evidence on progress and challenges encountered while implementing the delivery plans.

Mr. Speaker,

Just last week Friday, May 4th, the Acting Commissioner of Education held an offsite planning and work session with all Department of Education staff. The planning session focused on developing strategies that will be used to hold staff accountable while implementing Plan 2022. The accountability strategies will be a direct link to the work of each officer and outlined in their annual forward job plans as objectives to achieve.

Mr. Speaker,

Presentations were made of delivery plans that some officers had already started to implement. This gave firsthand knowledge and understanding to all staff of the components of the delivery plan model. Additionally, Plan 2022 strategies were unwrapped by staff using categories aligned with international accreditation standards and best practices.

Mr. Speaker,

Staff worked together to agree on responsibilities for the key processes embedded in Plan 2022 strategies. These processes are vital as they will help move the work forward and also be used to develop key performance indicators for the various work sections within the Department of Education.

Mr. Speaker,

The planning session facilitated good participation by staff at every line level, who reviewed, questioned and provided valuable feedback on the reporting mechanisms to be used to update our key stakeholders on progress made implementing Plan 2022. Before the end of this month, we will begin to stagger the posting of delivery plans on the Department of Education’s website to inform the community of the work that is to be carried out by officers. Stakeholders will also gain insight about what is required to implement Plan 2022 and transform public school education for Bermuda’s children.

Mr. Speaker,

A comprehensive monitoring and implementation framework for Plan 2022 that is time driven, is being developed as officers will be expected to execute with fidelity. In support of this officers will be provided with multiple avenues and opportunities to receive support and develop capacity. This foundational work will be completed during the month of May. After which, meetings will be held with all technical and support staff, teachers, principals, custodians and students across the entire public school system to share the details of the delivery plans and the role each will have to ensure corporate execution and delivery.

Mr. Speaker,

Accountability is at the fore front for the delivery of Plan 2022. It will be both an individual and collective priority. What has been shared today is a ‘snippet’ of the intensive work that is currently being carried out at the Department of Education by our technical officers.

Mr. Speaker,

In closing, let me share a quote by leadership Guru John C. Maxwell who stated: “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. It is within this context that I sincerely thank the senior leaders in the Department of Education under the leadership of the Acting Commissioner of Education for their commitment and steadfastness in laying this foundational work. What has been developed and implemented thus far is a testament to the fact that the Department of Education has the leadership capacity to drive the effective delivery of Plan 2022; and they are doing it. The general public can visit the Department’s website at to obtain the regular updates that will also be placed on social media sites as well.

Mr. Speaker,

I cannot help but reiterate that this Government is committed to making public school education a priority. We will put our children and their future first. We encourage the corporate support of every community person to lock in with us.

Thank you
Mr. Speaker

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  1. harold evans says:

    This is incredible:

    Five [5] Strategic Priorities;
    Forty three [43] Key Outcomes;
    Fifteen [15] Areas of Action; and,
    Fifty-five [55] Strategies.

    Surely it is the wrong way around – 55 strategies and only 15 areas of action?????

    • Onion says:

      All of which will dodge the three salient issues.

  2. nerema says:

    so…how many schools are they closing?

  3. Unbelievable says:

    And here we go……ANOTHER education plan.

    I think we should accept that no political party will ever get it right.

  4. shrew says:

    more meetings, committees and pencil pushers so the Union can feather their nest and our children suffer. get politics OUT OF THE WAY and make a Bda Education Authority based on the BTA model. cost would be cut immediately by getting rid of all the desk sitters in the DofE so teachers could asctually get paid more on MERIT and not longevity.

    • wahoo says:

      That will never happen under this government nice idea though.

    • Athena says:

      Yes, Shrew you’ve got it right.

      Should be a Bermuda Education Authority created but that would give more control to those who actually instruct the children and have real life experience. It would also give more autonomy to schools and encourage more parental involvement and input.

      Well, you know we can’t have that!

  5. WSP says:

    Thing is they can evaluate the teachers all they want but will not be able to fire anyone who is incompetent.

  6. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Plan for 2022….that should say it all lmfao!

    • wahoo says:

      Better than during election mode when we heard 2025. Standing strong, standing, standing, standing….

  7. Stevie says:

    More bulls**t from the PLP

  8. guy says:

    “repetition helps one to internalize”? It also help to indoctrinate people with false beliefs. False beliefs like how this government will finally get it right when it comes to the education system.

    So Minister Diallo Rabain, you can keep on repeating how this government is going to fix the education system with its “Plan 2022″ all you want. It’s not gonna help anyone to “internalize” it. That will only come when we start to see concrete results!

  9. Rocky5 says:

    The only way to improve Bermuda Public Education is to create accountability by moving all control to an Education Authority like has been done with the Bermuda Tourism Authority!!

  10. Slipnut says:

    Can accountability start? Really don’t matter were it starts let’s just start. The outcome would be far better than what we have.

  11. Bermy greens says:

    Soooo here we go again. mega schools are already what caused half the drama we have know in the school system . Do what you say your going to do plp . Bunch of hypocrites. Oba says they closing a school. It’s almost a strike . Plp says what they gonna do and you all sit back like puppets .

  12. aceboy says:

    Back to plans for plans! Let’s sound like we are doing something!

  13. Observer says:

    I am sure that the Ministers well laid plans will bring success. Oh wait a minute this is just a plan for the something to happen. Stop, talking and start implementing these grand plans our children are not pawns in thr game of education. There future is in your hands Minister and it needs to be dealt with correctly. For what you sew today you will reap tommorrow.