Bluewave Bermuda Charge Event On Sept 2

June 5, 2018

The Bluewave Bermuda Charge warm-up event is set to be held on September 2, 2018 featuring a gathering of motoring enthusiasts taking part in a ride-out with entertainment at the finish line.

The event will take place on open roads from Dockyard to Clearwater and anyone can enter, with tickets available on the website.

Should the follow-up event be approved, Clearwater Beach will be the starting point for the Bermuda Charge Zero-Emission Superbike Race in September 2019, offering a public show of road racing, on a closed route between Clearwater and Kindley Field. The 2019 road race has already received official support from the BTA, but requires further approvals before it is sanctioned.

Mervyn White is visiting the island in order to validate the event safety plan and do a route inspection before serving as the Clerk of the Course should the event receive approval.

When asked about his experience on the island, Mr. White said, “This is my first time to visit the island of Bermuda. I must admit I’m very, very impressed with the island, with the surroundings, with the people, with the scenery.

“The cleanliness of the island itself, no litter, no rubbish, no graffiti, very, very impressive, and the people themselves are very, very friendly. But, I suppose, a bit like back home where people meet you in the street and speak to you, and you have good vibes about that at the end of the day.”

When asked his work on the island, Mr. Whyte said, “My particular duties are in relation to the event safety plan are inspecting and approving the event safety plan and giving it the thumbs up. Also looking at the risk assessments and ensuring they’re properly carried out, and we’re in agreement with all aspects relating to the safety of the course.”

When asked about the inspection process, Mr. Whyte said, “Inspecting the proposed route to ensure that it meets the safety requirements, that the proper marshaling is there, the proper flag marshaling is in place, the road itself is in roadworthy condition, and in relation to road surface in various locations of the course itself, and just generally making sure that the safety aspect of the whole event is properly managed in adherence with the requirements of the event.”

When asked what his role as clerk of the course will entail, Mr. Whyte said, “Clerk of the course responsibilities surround ensuring proper management of the event on the day itself. Again, ensuring the marshaling is in place, flag marshaling. In relation to the motorcycles, to ensure that proper scrutinizing is being carried out on the bikes, and generally overseeing that the requirements in relation to licensing of personnel who are taking part in the event is carried out.

“And, really, overseeing it and reporting back through to the authorities in relation to the running of the event itself, and making sure that everything is properly carried out.”

Kevin Dallas, Pat Phillip-Fairn, Mervyn Whyte, Antoine Richards [Bluewave Bermuda Charge Public Relations] & David Cahill [Director, Bermuda Charge]:


When asked about his experiences working with other large-scale events, Mr. Whyte said, “I’ve been involved in the North West 200 for some 45 years, taking over responsibility for the event in the year 2000 with overall responsibilities of reporting through to the governing body of the sport itself.

“I have some 800 personnel which I’m responsible for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of race week. That includes your marshaling, your flag marshaling, your medical personnel, your stewards, your timekeepers, a wide variety of people.

“I have been chief steward at British Superbikes for five years, which takes on 12 events per year throughout the UK from various circuits from Oulton Park to Brands Hatch through to Donington Park, and the chief steward responsibilities at British Superbikes with overall responsibility of the managing of those events.

“I’ve also spent time being involved in Macau Grand Prix, which is held each year in November, and I take a supervisory role in the running of that event as well, so it’s probably fair to say I’ve got a long history of experience. I do chief steward at a number of our own national road race events in Ireland, with the overall responsibility of management of those events.”

When asked what will be next for him following the Bermuda event, Mr. Whyte said, “I have looked through all the risk assessments, the event safety plan, and I’ve put a lot of work into bringing it up to where it is at the present time. I know they will continue to liaise with me over the next months, and I will provide any help, support, and feedback I can, and I would like to think that I will be available once the event comes to fruition in September 2019.”

When asked if he’s looking forward to a return visit to the island, Mr. Whyte said, “Yeah, I’m hoping to come back again. I’ve had five days here – I think within the five days we’ve put in probably two months of work, and we’ve had a wide variety of leisure activities as well, so yeah, I must admit I’m looking forward to coming back again.”

For more information about the Bluewave Bermuda Charge Road Rally, visit the website, or follow on Facebook at Bermuda Change, Instagram @bermudacharge, or Twitter @ChargeBermuda.


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  1. dick francis says:

    I don’t quite understand – is this a race along the length of the island for bikes and cars or it is rally showing off the vintage stuff going at 5mph?

    If it is the former, wow. cannot wait!

    • Micro says:

      Sounds like a parade of sorts with a race course set going into St. Davids rather than racing the length of the island.

      But that is something that should be looked at. Can you imagine rally cars tearing up Harrington Sound/South Road? If we can shut down roads for international foot/bicycle races, surely we can do the same for motor racing.

      • Hi Micro, thanks for the support. The 2018 event is an inclusive Road Rally, a convoy rather than a parade, and we plan to grow this each year. Please feel free to participate in the Rally, we’re encouraging everyone to get involved and join us in the conversation about hosting a motor race.

        The 2019 event, if approved, will indeed feature superbike and touring car motor racing, with a zero-emission focus. Starting at Clearwater, finishing at Kindley Field in a time trial format. See this page for more info, where you can see an example of raod racing at the NW200:

        Sign up to our newsletter for updates on progress, or simply come and see us at the 2018 Road Rally.

    • Hi Dick, in 2018 we are gathering our motoring community at Dockyard, and riding out for a fun rally to Clearwater, where there will be entertainment including a Trophy Race Day (at Southside), live music and an energy expo. Everyone welcome, please join us in the Rally. There is a $500 prize for the Bluewave “Best in Show” vehicle, and tickets include a Bermuda Charge T-shirt and a Jamaican Grill lunch, plus entry to the race day and expo. $49 ticket, and $5 of this goes to Greenrock. The Rally will be an annual event.

      In 2019, we have a proposal under consideration for a Zero-Emission Superbike Road Race in the East End. Also an annual event. This would start at Clearwater, and riders would race in a time trial format to a finish line at Stone Crusher Corner. The objective is not only to create an exciting spectacle, but also to accelerate Bermuda’s sustainable future.

      Please see our web page here for more details of the road race, and a video of the NW200 which is run by our Clerk of the Course, Mervyn Whyte. You can also purchase Rally tickets on the site, just click on “Join the Rally”.

  2. JB says:

    Berp berp! Go team silverback!