Car & Motorcycle Collision In Court Street Area

June 25, 2018

A collision involving a car and motorcycle took place in the area of Court Street and Dundonald Street this afternoon [June 25] and police are advising that the area has been cordoned off while the scene is being processed.

At 4.30pm, a police spokesperson said, “Please be advised, a collision has taken place between a car and motorcycle in the area of Court Street and Dundonald Street.

“The condition of the persons involved in the collision is unknown at this point. We would like to advise the motoring public who normally travel on those roads to please take alternative routes as that area has been cordoned off by police while the scene is being processed.”

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  1. PANGAEA says:

    There is so much to be done ! Where do we all start ?

    Where is the speed limit posted for the City ? It used to be 15 MPH or 24 .14 K even that is pushing it.
    You could set the speed limit for bike less than cars to prevent 3 rd lane riding.

    Here is the pecking order, with children having all the rights of way on the roads .

    Mac truck and trailer.
    Construction equipment with or with out crane
    Private car
    Motor Bike
    Push bike
    Mother and baby carriage
    Small children.