Graphic Design Show From July 27 To August 21

June 26, 2018

SJD World is partnering with the Bermuda Society of Arts [BSOA] and Bermuda Blue Printing to put on a Graphic Design Show, with opening night set for Friday, July 27 from 5.00pm to 7.00pm.

A spokesperson said, “We have partnered with BSOA and Bermuda Blue Printing to put on a Graphic Design Show on July 27th and we are actively trying to get as many designers to submit work as possible.

“The opening night is July 27 from 5.00pm to 7.00pm.”

“The show is free to submit and open to designers of all levels [hobbyist, amateur, professional, or aspiring].

“There will be three available categories, including Digital Art: Computer Generated Illustration,Digital Photo Collage, 3D; Corporate Design: Logos, Advertisements, Poster, Flyers,Data Visualizations, Typography; and Manipulated Photography: Photo taken with a digital camera with minor manipulation.

“Submissions must be bought to BSOA on Wednesday July 25th, ready to hang, no later then 4pm with their filled out application.”

Graphic Design Showcase Bermuda June 2018 (1)

“The application can be downloaded online and our video promo can be viewed on YouTube.

“Our overall mission for this show is to help raise the bar of local graphic design on the island, make a connection between digital art and corporate design help to unite the design industry while encouraging and inspiring creatives on the island.

“As a graphic designer myself the first time my work was displayed in a gallery was at BSOA during the digital art show over 15 years ago. This opportunity helped me build my confidence as a designer and allowed me to see my work next to professionals in the field. We hope this event will be the start of something great and provide a platform for designers and future designers much like myself.”

Graphic Design Showcase Bermuda June 2018

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