Moniz: Minister Burch Is ‘Abusing His Power’

June 22, 2018

The Minister of Public Works is “abusing his power by trying to make Somerset Cricket Club responsible for who presents the Cup Match trophy,” according to the One Bermuda Alliance.

The OBA said, “Last week in the House of Assembly David Burch said he had been asked by the Club to repair a wall before Cup Match and had given two conditions for the work to be done – putting recycling facilities in place and asking that the Governor should not be invited to present the trophy.”

Shadow Public Works Minister Trevor Moniz said the conditions “almost amounted to blackmail,” adding: “The Minister has put Somerset Cricket Club in an impossible position. That is not acceptable behaviour for anyone let alone a Minister who should adhere to the highest moral standards.

“The issue of who presents the trophy to the victorious team is a matter for the Club and making it a condition of doing some work is reprehensible and an abuse of the Minister’s power. If it is the Minister’s responsibility, then just get on and do it.”

Mr Moniz added: “How many times does Minister Burch have to step out of line before he is censured by the Premier, or does the Premier condone this type of behaviour? It is embarrassing to have this loose cannon constantly behaving inappropriately.”


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  1. Warwick West says:

    this is total and absolute abuse. This man must go. He is a disgrace.

    • Didnt Moniz abuse his power against Dr.Brown.

      • Hey says:

        Erm no. Where your head at?

        • Jude says:

          Up yes. Wur yuh head iz?

          • Toodle-oo says:

            Abuse of power ?
            Are you talking about the Leahey case ?
            The case where the US courts said that it DID have merit , but the damages weren’t done in the US ?

            Funny how many people never (or refused to) pick up on that . Maybe certain people should actually be afraid of a COI on it !

            • Toodle-dee says:

              Wake up dreamer, even though held in a US court it was against Brown. You sound like their President.

            • Toodles says:

              Clearly you need assistance since you find it impossible to capture the reason for Burch’s request and continue to compare our history with a recent that was truly and abuse of power by your buddies.

              This story is about Bermuda’s history. Why don’t you talk with some of the family members whose sons introduced this holiday we all celebrate today.

              Toodle-Dum like Moniz you have a very selective memory of our history here.
              Freed People

              • Double S says:

                It wasn’t a request. It was a threat to withhold service if he didn’t get his way. Your support for such politicians is scary. But comes as no surprise.

                • Double S Squared says:

                  I support the historical request sweetheart. Unlike you I don’t take politicians under my wing.

        • Not Adding Up! says:

          Why, because he questioned him? How dare he!

    • Warwick East says:

      Warwick West you are a totally and absolutely abuse and must go. You need to be removed from replying on such stories

    • Warwick East says:

      This is Absolute Vodka. Cheers Burch!!! See you at de game mate.

    • Warwick East says:

      Warwick East you are totally and absolutely crazed!!!! Anybody needing to go is the disgraced Moniz. Do Bermuda a favour and lead him off the hill so that we do not have to listen to his madness or yours.
      Cup Match was created for the people by the people! Like Burch said, the govenor can watch from Langton Hill.

  2. BDA1 says:

    yes he sure is ABUSING HIS POWER and it is very ugly – he better not for get that GOD DOES NOT SLEEP

    • Stay Woke says:

      Warwick and Bda 1 give it a rest (yawn) Moniz does nt have room to talk after his appalling actions as AG. Abuse of power??? You dreamers are scratching where you dont itch.

  3. Joe Bloggs says:

    You live east of White Hill, Trevor, your opinion does not count!

    • Not Adding Up! says:

      What does the Parish he lives in have anything to do with this? If these are the rules that you think they should play by then …oh well lets just say it explains a lot.

      • PBanks says:

        You missed the bit of satire in Joe’s post there, Adding.

  4. mixitup says:

    Highest moral standards? This from one politian to another? Don’t make me laugh Trevor Moniz… You of all people.

  5. Awe! says:

    Trevor you have a nerve, after allegations of your shredding of documents you think you come from a place of judement??
    Go sit down and take Dunkley with you boi!!

  6. We have been under abused power for 3 hundred years.
    Dont feel good does it.

    • puzzled says:

      Then call Burt and tell him again you fool.
      “3 hundred years.”
      Your very picky you nim wit.

      • Clarity says:

        This is why you are puzzled – you are out of your league. Such a child like respone – grow up and make your arugement from an adult like state….if that’s possible

    • Toodle-oo says:

      If it’s so bad please tell us why you’re still here .

      • Noodles says:

        Why are you if you detest the PLP so much Toodles????

        • Toodle-oo says:

          Because it’s so ego satisfying to be around to many stupid and hateful people .
          When I need a top up please give me a call .

          • Toodle-dee says:

            Proof you are operating from a very sick and demented state-schizophrenia is more like it Toots. The mere presumption you are intelligent or loving is laughable and you need medical help.
            A trip to Aunt Brenda’s could realy help with your maniac emotional state and beliefs.

    • Hair says:

      Onion juice, are you that old, that you would even know!! Rest yourself.. PLEEEESE

      • Bad says:

        What does age have to do with history Hair?? Those who forget are doomed to forget love.

    • Not Adding Up! says:

      Onion Juice, is that all you have to hold onto?! Why is this your (ignorant) answer, and excuse for everything. Why do you never have anything constructive to say or add. If you are such a freedom fighter why do you never focus on the atrocities, abuses of power, and slavery, trafficking and fraud that is going on TODAY in many countries. We all know the answer! It is because you like most of us(black & white) know it is easier to look the other way and pretend it is not happening then to do something about it.

      The wonderful thing about being a politician in Bermuda is that we care more about winning and power then we do about anything else. Most will make excuses and defend their party member and their actions (in some cases even when the law is broken) instead of holding them accountable.

  7. WSP says:

    OJ it’s gonna keep on happening for another 300 yrs with an attitude like that.

  8. I and I says:

    Ya boy Moniz got some nerve talking about abuse of power!LOL!!!

  9. aceboy says:

    Here comes the PLP crowd repeating lies that were told to them by the likes of Burch and Burt. There was no shredding of documents, that was just a sound byte generated by your guys.

    Funny, you are the same guys who don’t want SSM.

    • aceboyz wife says:

      Here comes the OBAer thinking he has more knowledge of the incident by denying reality. That’s referred to being demented! Check yourself before you wreck yourself dude

    • Paul says:

      The truth always comes out in the end aceboy.

  10. So what says:

    There is no other politician like Burch. His mouth and actions say it all. One thing OBA never ever used racist remarks cannot say that for this party. They think no one else butch them belong here. When they chase everyone out of here by they do not look like them they will be sorry. Mr Burt time to have a word with your politicians. Nasty individuals will take your part down.

    • So This says:

      What island did you live on under OBA love? There mere existence was racist! Sending an Immirgration officer to the late Mr Crockwells’ home was and act of agression based on racism. Moniz referring to opposition member as a boy. Get the devil outta hur with your selective memory

      • Question says:

        So you’re saying that possible work permit abuses shouldn’t be investigated if there are “important” people involved. Ok, good to know how the Politbureau PLP works. One rule for the elite in government, another rule for the rest of us.

        • Answer #3 says:

          Let me explain to yu paper Bermudians. The UBP ruled with tyranny, lies, deception and payback. If you did not play by there rules (whch changed once you became enlightened) then there was H#%& to pay. Sending an Immigration officer to an ex collegues home once he left your party was not based on doing the “right” thing but vindictiveness!
          Giving Bermuda status to those who looked like them and thought was a “vote” and illegal. Work permits or promotions were given as a way to balance the look of Bermuda while maintaining the lie that a white person was far more educated, apt, qualified and willing to fall in line with their beliefs. Open your eyes and wipe the mock out of them. Even Ray Charles saw the hipocrisy in his land after losing his sight!!! Wake up feom your slumber folks

          • Toodle-oo says:

            Not surprising you post the BA that you do .With a dozen different user names (so far) you’re just a poor confused soul full of racist conspiracy theories.

            • Toddle-dee says:

              And you are just a poor confused soul full of racism end the other end of the spectrum. You spot it! You got it dude!!!

            • Toddle-007 says:

              Oh no Toodles is truly a detective who spies on people folks. Wow! I am amused at you minds’ ability to conjure.

              • Question says:

                It looks like you can attempt to insult me, but the inverse takes longer to get through.

                Why do you change your name every time you put a message here? Do you think that makes it apoear there are more of you?

                Does repeated lying make you feel better? Did you take your meds today?

                • Answer says:

                  Why do you play big, then cry when your feelings are hurt?
                  Because you act big online when you are really a coward who hides behind a screen

                • Answer #2 says:

                  You are reading words on a creep but you can see what someone is doing? Proof you are insane and need help mate.
                  Does talking to a screen make appear like your sane???
                  I am now certain you need to be committed.

          • Question says:

            Let me explain to you moronic racists.
            The law applies equaliy to everyone. Even to the politbureau PLP political elite.
            You break the law, you get investigated. Just like would happen to anyone else.
            Of course when you get investigated you scream “race”. Predictable. Pathetic.
            If that certain politician was suspected of something he should have been investigated. He should not have been “let off” because he was “important”.
            That’s the kind of thing you lot do. It’s corruption.

            • Answer says:

              Let me explain to you harden racist who hide behind your screens. Fact is I can see through your custome. Though dressed as a sheep your heart can no longer control yourselves when your disguise is hiddwn behind a screen.
              You spew hate, judement and a vileness that even surprises and delights you.
              You become out of control, unleashing your deepest thoughts and feelings!!!

            • Answer #2 says:

              Here we going when an OBAer is out witted by an imaginary PLPer his emotional growth appears. Showing their true nature as a vile, bitter being.

            • Answer #6 says:

              Ouch Q, my feelings just fell out of my body. I am crying because you called me moronic.

              Grow up mate

    • Paul says:

      Burch is in the right ministry “Garbage “

      • Paula says:

        Burch is the right Minister – your garbage will be picked this week!!!
        Jealous tired sore losing OBAer

  11. Nerve says:

    Moniz you have a nerve!!! What did you do with the paperwork from Dr Browne case???

    • Not Adding Up! says:

      Odd you should bring that up? Do you not remember what happened when the AG brought certain concerns to the former PLP government regarding spending, contracts, consultants?

      He was arrested, detained…and documents seized….many never to be seen again.

      • Answer #5 says:

        Don’t you remember we figured out how you deflect from one topic to confused those you deemed feeble minded. The point this story is making is the audacious claim made by Moniz.
        I bet you think you are more knowledgeable than others because by what you stated. Still NOT getting it!

    • Question says:

      Where is the paperwork from the Port Royal case?

      • Another Answer says:

        Where is the paperwork from the hundreds wo aquired status under the UBP.
        You OBA folks are comical and slightly twisted may I add.

        • Question says:

          They acquired status because the right was granted by a law passed by the PLP.
          You lot love to forget inconvenient facts don’t you.

          • Another Answer says:

            Huh? Proof read ace boy

            • Question says:

              What was it you lot called it? A “loophole”? In the law you passed.
              Then you blame everyone else. Typical.
              The truth has an anti-PLP bias.

              • Answer #6 says:

                What is it ‘you all’ told us? We are lazy, liars, thieves etc.
                look around bud we fought through all you criticism and lies. Against your back drop of idyllic lands, natives rose up against you and still survived. We are not as easily fooled as we used to be aceboy

          • Answer #4 says:

            Clearly you are new to this island and know diddly of our history. Have a seat and speak only on what you know.

  12. Kevin says:

    He was useless in the last administration and he is useless again
    Anyone who voted for him must have a gut check this guy should be committed not allowed to work with leaders of this country . He is 200% more arrogant than Fahey and yet no objection….shows what is considered ok

    I would vote for a Bus stop before putting a X beside his name

    He must be silenced he speaks for a minority

    • Kevin's Wife says:

      Excuse my husband Kevin he i off his meds again. “Kevin what did the doctor say about your behaviour when you start reading and replying to stories on Bernews?” “Come on sweetheart you are confused right and incoherrent.

    • Centralised says:

      “He must be silenced he speaks for a minority”


      • Not Adding Up! says:

        I assume Kevin meant a minority as in a smaller percentage of the population. Not minority (relating to person of a certain race). Many words have more than one meaning.

        • Offering Free Calcultors says:

          Stop justifying your rhetoric
          Your spots can be seen under your diguise. You are leopard!

  13. Hair says:

    Take his title away from him as that is a British thing!!! Ouch Burch..

    • Do says:

      Even Dunkley agreed the Premier should present the Cup! Get over yourselves with this abuse of power nonesense.
      You OBAers are really out to lunch and Trevor maybe it’s time to get out of politics as your mind is not as sharp as it was when you were younger. You’re losing it man.

      • Las Vegas says:

        Yep the Milkman did agree. It may be hope for the oba after all. Trevor you are the worst kind of politician. Do as I say not as I do is the rat that spills from your mouth.

  14. Longtail says:

    Yes, Moniz is an easy target, so let’s just shoot the messenger and ignore the message…. what a sorry lot we are.
    Sadly Burt’s inability to bring sense to Burt’s divisive outbursts makes him look weak where he should be strong and should be trying to bring Bermudians together.

    • Clipped says:

      Dribble. Plain dripple…wipe your mouth as you have lost your ability to act for yourself Longtail.
      I pity you now you have lost your power (OBA). PLP won! Govenor does not need to hand over a Cup at a tournament started by freed slaves. End of

      • Happy says:

        So a club member doesn’t like what the President of the CLub does by tradition asks him to change it. Club says no and this individual decides that because they are a government minister they will force them to do what he wants by refusing to fix a wall unless they do.

        Are you really ok with someone doing that? I honestly don’t care if it was an OBA minister when they were in government who did it, if I was SCC I would tell him to shove it on principle. Next year I would quite happily change tradition.

        • I Don't Think You Are says:

          So that fact that the tradition was started by the freed men of the island for the freed peope shoukd be overlooked???
          Considering the tradition (of a govenor presenting the trophy) was introduced by rhe powers that be at the time is more valueable than the reasons for the holiday!
          I really find it unrealistic and extremely hypocritical of you he defend Moniz.

  15. Real Deal says:

    Pot talking about the Kettle

  16. Moniz, shame on you!!
    The pot calling the kettle black.
    He is like YOU!!

    • Happy says:

      But Burch isn’t doing this to Moniz, he’s doing this to SCC.

      • Deluded Isn't Happy says:

        Happy take up knitting why don’t you. Clear you are out of your depth love. Shhhh!
        It’s better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

        • Anbu says:

          Like the pee el pee and their supporters pretty much. Proof is in the pudding as in “oh ill change my screen name to poke and instigate people everytime i have a reaponse. Typical tho as you all basically have the intelligence level of a grapefruit. Jackass. What are u like 10 maybe? 25/11 tho right? Lol dumb _ _ _ _ .

  17. cpm says:

    Some people will not be attending and spending lots of money at cup match because of the attitudes on here and a certain show and some people check if what they are purchasing is promoted on that show


    Persevere on, Burch!!
    Moniz was an absolute monster!!

    • Hair says:

      If Moniz is a “monster”, he would have eaten you alive!!! Burch gotta go…

  19. East of White Hill says:

    Didn’t the Great Colonel have to swear allegiance to the Queen before he got the job as head of the Regimemt? The Governor is theoretically her representative so isn’t he a hypocrite? Guess he will do anything to get a job. Not a man of his word.n

    • Next Door Neighbour of E White Hill says:

      Yo, aceboy did you read the story???? Do you have an opinion on what Burch is asking for? Oh um sorry you didn’t quite learn who to keep focused…..only how to deflect. Next.

      • Question says:

        So on the point he made, about Burch’s integrity, you’ve got nothing. Got it.