Chameau & Dismont Chosen For Legacy Project

July 16, 2018

World-renowned portrait photographer, Alistair Morrison, has returned to the island to continue taking photographs for the “Bermudian Legacy” project and photograph the Bermudians chosen by the public vote.

Alistair Morrison photographing Ronnie Chameau at Carter House

Bermudian Legacy July 2018 (1)

Following a request that the public nominate outstanding Bermudians, there has been a positive response.

Alistair Morrison said: “It is interesting to read so many inspiring words about these hugely respected Bermudians. It so happened that my choice has been two women who, at this time, seem to be to be the most relevant.

“I am so pleased that both Ronnie Chameau and Martha Dismont accepted my invitation to be part of the art piece. I am contemplating how best to incorporate these written tributes within the ‘Bermudian Legacy’ artwork.”

Alistair Morrison photographing Martha Dismont at The Family Centre

Bermudian Legacy July 2018 (2)

The artwork, which is sponsored by British Airways and the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, honours Bermudians who have contributed in so many positive ways to the island.

Alistair Morrison has close family connections to Bermuda. His mother was born here and lives in Bermuda and he has many family members who are Bermudian.

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Comments (2)

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  1. Core Values says:

    Wonderful models of the best of Bermuda and making a positive difference on our island.

    Thank you Mr. Morrison for bringing your artistic eye back to Bermuda to highlight our people through your ‘Bermudian Legacy’ project.

  2. Athena says:

    Have known Ronnie for many years and had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Dismont several times.

    Both have contributed much to shaping our island home and view in very different ways.

    Two women who are outstanding; each in her own sphere.