Minister Caines Trip To France Cost $4,948.04

July 11, 2018

A trip in July 2018 by Minister of National Security Wayne Caines to attend an OECD meeting in France cost $4,948.04, according to a recent listing on the Government’s travel webpage.

The trip duration was listed as from July 4, 2018 – July 6, 2018, and the web page listing said, “The Minister of National Security travelled to Paris, France to attend a meeting at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD] July 4th to 6th, 2018.

“This Roundtable discussion brought together selected industry experts, regulators, central banks, and regional and international organizations to duscuss the issues and challenges related to digital financial assets, including crypto-currencies and tokens issued through Initial Coin Offerings [ICO], and identify the actions or approaches that may be needed at the national and international level to ensure that they have a positive impact on financial markets and the real economy – including on market integrity, consumer protection, financial stability, privacy, cyber-security, taxation, and anti-money laundering and counter-terrrorism financing. The outcomes will inform the work of the OECD as well as relevant domestic and international institutions.”


  • Air Travel: $4,419.30
  • Ground Transportation: $100.38
  • Accommodation: $388.08
  • Meals: $40.28
  • Total costs: $4,948.04

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  1. The Good says:

    Sounds like they are all going on a vacation to the Med

  2. Double S says:

    $4.4k to get to Paris??!!

    Must be nice to travel on other people’s money.

  3. facts of the rock says:

    How much??