Photos & Video: Lighting Of Somerset Bridge

July 21, 2018

The Sandys Parish Council hosted a gathering tonight [July 21] at Somerset Bridge where attendees where able to see the Cup Match decorations on the bridge and themed lighting lining the bridge was turned on.

Joining the Council was Somerset Cricket Club President Vashun Blanchette, John Stovell, a former captain of the Somerset Cricket Club Cup Match team, area MPs Economic Development and Tourism Minister Jamahl Simmons and Speaker of the House Dennis Lister, members of the Bermuda Pilot Gig Club – Western Location, who arrived in a Gig decorated with red and blue lights and flags, and members of the island wide community.

Update: The 13-minute live video replay is below

The event began with a prayer, and then a Bernews article by the late Larry Burchall was read out, describing the history behind the holiday.

Although red and blue ribbons were available for all, some avid St, George’s fans joined the festivities bringing their blue and blue flags. Hot dogs and popcorn were provided for those wishing a snack.


Members of the Sandys Parish Council include Dr. Patricia Chapman, Kemda Bean, Rashida Godwin, Norbet Simmons, Dawn Simmons, Rotimi Martins, Kenneth Caesar, Curtis Richardson, Rudolph Hollis, Kamilah Weeks and George Cann.

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Comments (6)

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  1. Stinky D. says:

    I agree lets change the name of the second day to something other then Somers Day

    • Toodle-oo says:

      What’s so terrible or historically inaccurate that it shouldn’t be Somer’s Day ?

      • Hartley W says:

        With the greatest respect to all those at the lighting ceremony and Bermuda at large you all will hopefully be relieved to know that you all have misinformed by the claim that Somers brought any slaves to bermuda or anywhere else ….and therefore surely to urge …based on this misinformation… that the name of the day that commemorates his arrival here in 1609 should be changed would be as wrong as the misinformation on which it is based.
        Somers founded Bermuda in 1609 with the wreck of the Sea Venture ….after she was kept afloat by enormous collective feats of seamanship by all on board during a hurricane.
        They then built two new ships in Bermuda and sailed onto Birginia with supplies for the Jamestown settlement…and Somers died of a heart attack in 1610 when he returned to Betmuda for to get some more supplies for Jamestown.
        So the claim that the name of somers day should be changed is based on an entirely false or misinformed claim because Somers had no involvement in slavery in Betmuda as was mistakenly stated by an otherwise eloquent and well informed senior member of the Somerset community at the bridge lighting ceremony on saturday evening.
        . This gentleman has been clearly been misinformed about Sir George Somers. Interestingly, the actual day that Somers and the Sea Venture arrived here in 1609 was right around this time of year.
        As a matter of historical record it was on July 28th in the early afternoon , thereby initiating ..all the way up to this year…some 409 years of unbroken human presence on these much blessed islands where we became the only place in the world today where the whole country knocks off so that laws of cricket to be observed and played under as one group of the best players in the land try and relocate a cup from one end of the island to the other….well worth going for , but currently a most difficult task indeed ….
        due to another group of the best players in the land who think the current location of the cup is just fine.
        It is the most exciting time of the year with a long and most distinguished heritage. I am sure we we are all looking forward to a very good game.
        Respect and very best wishes from up the country to all concerned.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          Continued misinformation and re-writing of history is becoming a daily occurrence . Keep ‘em angry and divided .
          Two Bermudas !

  2. Gary says:

    Shame about the ugly blue and blue colours

  3. Retired # 27 says:

    I agree with you Gary, RED & BLUE all the way.