Warwick Academy Sixth Form Exam Results

July 13, 2018

Warwick Academy announced their Sixth Form results from the recent summer examinations, with the school achieving a 100% pass rate across the IB Individual Subjects, and a 92% pass rate for the IB Diploma Programme which is well above the world average of 79%.

“50 students graduated from the school this year taking one of three pathways available to them – the International Baccalaureate [IB] Diploma Programme; or the IB Individual Subjects programme; or the Business & Technology Education Council [BTEC] vocational programme,” the school said.

“In choosing these pathways the school does not preselect students but rather allows students to navigate the one that best fits them.

Eryn Bhola, Grace Francoeur, Samantha Soares, Hayley Dill, Leo Forte, Melanie Soares-Chan, Alisa Bernardo, Isaac McRonald, Camryn Dunstan, and Patrick Quinn

Warwick Academy Bermuda July 2018

“The Class of 2018 achieved an excellent 92% pass rate for the IB Diploma Programme which, once again, is well above the world average of 79%. The average point score for the Diploma was 30, achieving the world average, with Eryn Bhola being the top point scorer with 39 points.

“The school achieved a 100% pass rate across the IB Individual Subjects with Alisa Bernardo the top performer in this pathway.

“The BTEC pathway also produced a 100% pass rate with Camryn Dunstan achieving a merit in the Travel & Tourism course and Patrick Quinn a merit in the Sport course.”

Principal Mr. David Horan said: ‘These are well balanced young adults who have immersed themselves in all that Warwick Academy has to offer – academic, music, drama, sport, community service & leadership programmes – and embark well prepared for what lies ahead. They head off to wonderful Universities & Colleges around the world with a few taking the gap year option with adventure ahead.’

He added: ‘We know how much work goes into the build-up to their final examinations and are tremendously proud of each and every one. We congratulate the Class of 2018 on their achievements and look forward to hearing about their future endeavours and successes.

“I would also like to thank our staff for the dedication and expertise they have shown in preparing our students and the time they have spent both inside and outside of the classroom with them.’

Top results

IB Diploma Pathway

  • Eryn Bhola – 39 points
  • Grace Francoeur – 38
  • Samantha Soares – 35
  • Hayley Dill – 35
  • Leo Forte – 35
  • Melanie Soares-Chan – 34

IB Individual Subjects Pathway

  • Alisa Bernardo – 34 points
  • Isaac McRonald – 27

BTEC Pathway

  • Camryn Dunstan – Merit
  • Patrick Quinn – Merit

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  1. Juxtaposin' says:

    Well done and best wishes to all on their upward journey