Husband: Boat Crash Trial Outcome ‘Not Fair’

August 29, 2018

“It’s not a fair outcome, it was – there was no justice involved in the whole process, I’m pretty disillusioned with the process,” the grieving widower of Mrs Mary McKee said according to a report from the New Zealand media.

His comments follow after 27-year-old Andrew Lake was found not guilty of manslaughter following the death last year of Mary McKee in a boating accident.

While he was found not guilty of the more serious charge of manslaughter, Mr Lake admitted to reckless driving and received a suspended sentence in connection with the boat collision, which claimed the life of Mrs. McKee, a visitor from New Zealand who was in Bermuda to attend the America’s Cup.

Mr McKee, who was also injured in the collision, had a victim impact statement read out in court in which he told Mr Lake, “Every day I would like you to understand the devastating consequences of your recklessness. There’s not a day, hardly even an hour when I do not think about her and this accident.”

The story said, “The driver of a boat who caused the death of a New Zealand woman in Bermuda has been given a suspended prison sentence – and her widower is ‘extremely unhappy’ with the outcome.

“It’s not a fair outcome, it was – there was no justice involved in the whole process … I’m pretty disillusioned with the process,” Mr McKee is quoted as saying. “It’s not closure. It’s worse than closure. It has opened up wounds.”

“Police in Bermuda had been ‘very good’ to his family during the process, but he hadn’t spoken to them since the trial was completed,” the New Zealand media outlet reported.

“While McKee was at the trial, he doesn’t think he’ll go back to Bermuda.

“‘I spent last weekend just having a look around. It’s a beautiful island with kind people but I very much doubt if I will ever return there unless there is a retrial or anything else happens. But I very much doubt it,” he said.

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