Senate: Order Of Business For August 15th

August 14, 2018

The Senate is scheduled to be in session on Wednesday [Aug 15] and Bills before the Senate include the Bermuda Monetary Authority Amendment [No. 2] Act 2018, the Defence [Coast Guard Unit] Amendment Act 2018, the Road Traffic Amendment and Validation Act 2018, and the Bermuda Housing Amendment Act 2018.

The Order of Business follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Question says:

    How many ofvthe bills will have all three readings in one day?

  2. Slipnut says:

    Good to see a movement towards protecting people out around our coast. The UK have this department all ready. Why not have them use their resources to help us implement our Coast Gard? Although we would be better to adopt the USCG, we are still under the Queen.

    • Onion Breath says:

      ” Why not have them use their resources to help us implement our Coast Gard?”

      because you hate the UK so much you want independence from their oppression…haven’t you been paying attention?

  3. What about Bermuda's Debt? says:

    Dear Bda Gvt.

    I remember a day when senior statesmen Sir John Swan and the late Larry Burchall spent a tremendous amount of time helping Bermudians understand the impact that the mountain of debt amassed under previouus government administrations would have on Gvt’s ability to fund its public service obligations.

    Mr. Burchall provided solid reasoning as to the impact that Nanci would have on the Government’s purse.

    I recall that Mssrs. Swan and Burchall’s arguments were clear, concise and without any interference from political rhetoric.

    The public debt is a crushing issue for our country. Why then is the Premier/Minister of Finance not discussing it.

    This should be his number 1 priority given his dual roles.

    Bermudians need to understand the priorities our our Premier and his cabinet.

    Blessings abound.