Free Health Screenings On Friday In St George’s

September 25, 2018

Free health screenings will be held this Friday [Sept 28] in King’s Square, St. Georges from 4 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

“They will be the last in a series of four the Department of Health has hosted as part of the ‘Taking it to the Streets’ series through the summer,” a Health Ministry spokesperson said.

“The free health screenings help identify persons at risk of chronic non-communicable diseases and the Department of Health has evaluated 173 persons – 94 males and 79 females.

“Of those screened, 68% were overweight or obese according to their Body Mass Index and 69% had a risk of hypertension.

“In addition, almost 70% of those screened were not meeting the basic physical activity suggested by the World Health Organization. The recommendation is that adults do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity during the week.

“After the screenings, some people were referred for further medical treatment due to their risk for hypertension, obesity and diabetes.

“These numbers continue to worry our health professionals. There is a reality of unidentified persons at risk in our community for major health issues. “Taking it to the Streets” has proven its usefulness in bringing awareness and reaching-out to these communities.

“The Department of Health remains steadfast in continuing to educate the public of the seriousness of these diseases.”

“Chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension are called “silent killers” because many sufferers do not feel sick – they have no symptoms. Screening is an important tool for early detection before symptoms develop and debilitating disease takes hold.

The screenings include:

  • Monitoring blood sugar
  • Assessing cardiac risk profile
  • Monitoring blood pressure
  • Monitoring weight
  • Other health education

“The community health nurses are ‘Taking it to the Streets’ to make it easier for the public to attend and be directed to any health resources they may need. A full report will be issued following the last screening.”

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