Ministry: 43 Bus Runs Cancelled On Monday

September 17, 2018

The cancellation of bus runs continue, with the Ministry releasing a list of bus cancellations for this afternoon [Sept 17] with forty-three bus runs cancelled.

Bus Cancellations PM Sept 17 2018

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  1. Stormy daniels says:

    While the minister is travelling the world on our dime.

  2. Manana says:

    Can’t wait for when we have 5 (yes, five) cruise ships in at the same time on Oct 30th……..

  3. cpm says:

    We have 43 runs cancelled.
    I do not know how many runs a driver does in a shift but looking at departure and arrival times the taxpayer is paying for a lot of people to just sit around-nice work if you can get it
    In the real world business would sort this out very quickly and manpower surplus to requirements would be let go