OBA: Minister Should Resign, Reflect On Actions

September 8, 2018

“Minister Caines should do what the Premier does not have the guts to tell him to do – resign and take a time out to reflect on his actions,” OBA Chairperson Justin Mathias said.

His comments follow after Minister of National Security Wayne Caines was widely criticized for posting a video on his Instagram page which appeared to show himself asking female workers in a cereal store in England if they have “ti**y milk.”

Senator Mathias said, “The use of the phrase ‘ti**y milk’ is demeaning to all women and to hear it coming from a senior Government Minister is shocking though not surprising – but for the Premier to admit that he was only ‘disappointed’ is truly appalling and is a smack in the face for every woman on this Island.

“Perhaps, like the OBA which has a majority all-female leadership team, the PLP would benefit from more women in its leadership team.

Minister Caines has apologised but it was not a real apology, as he says the worker did not hear him. I find it hard to take seriously because if he was at all serious he would never have issued those words in the first place, let alone take the premeditated action of posting it to his many thousands of followers on Instagram.

“As a former CEO, would the Minister condone this type of phrase if one of his male employees had uttered it to a female employee? What would he have done? Would he simply have asked for an apology? I hope not – I hope he would have severely sanctioned that employee.

“As the CEO equivalent, we were left wait to see what the Premier would do? Well we found out. He expressed his ‘disappointment’. What kind of CEO does not sanction an employee for such demeaning language? This sends out the message that what the Minister did is effectively OK.

“What this reveals is not just a weak leader who pays lip service to issues such as equality, but also a lack of depth in the PLP Cabinet. The Premier knows he cannot dismiss Minister Caines as there is no-one to take his place who can take on the complicated fintech business.

“I note that the Evening Standard, a newspaper with an audience of some two million people a day in print and on-line in London, has now covered the story which portrays not only the Minister in a poor light because of his actions, but by association the Government and Bermuda.

“The Minister has apparently now shut down his private Instagram and Facebook accounts, but that is too late.

“Despite what our Premier says, someone must be made accountable for these actions. This is not the type of behavior we expect and we, as a people, should receive better from our elected officials, including the Premier.

“Enough is enough and if he had any ounce of dignity, Minister Caines should do what the Premier does not have the guts to tell him to do – resign and take a time out to reflect on his actions,” Senator Mathias concluded.

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  1. What?? says:

    Why has Mathias become the spokesperson for the OBA? Where is the leader? Or any other adult? It’s difficult to take him seriously.

    • 21st Century says:

      So, attack the messenger?

      • Caines was a fool for saying it, but most men think it.

        • St. David's says:

          I think a lot of things but thankfully manage to not say them; let alone post them for the whole world to see. :(

        • Hey says:

          I don’y Know how you can extrapolate that. Please explain…would you immediately think of breast milk when at a cereal store where a woman worked? I think that is very strange and don’t believe that most men would think of breast milk.

        • Wahoo says:

          Um no, putting ti**y milk on captain crunch cereal is not what most men think.

        • Vortex says:

          I’m sorry but sexism, misogyny and prejudice have no place in this world.

          I’m sad that you are accepting of these as a fact of life, you need to grow.

        • LJ says:

          As a man above the age of 15, I’m going to have the disagree with you there. Stop trying to justify this behaviour on the basis that all men are thoughtless dogs just looking to get off.

        • Warwick Beaches says:

          No normal person thinking about titty milk with all that cereal up there. Maybe you’re one who should be reassessing as well.

    • redrose says:

      He is the chair of the Party – of course he is a spokesperson along with others. Susan Jackson spoke to this as well.

      • What says:

        He is a child and childish! Simple as that!

        • redrose says:

          so just ignore what he says and attack the messenger instead? Old PLP tactics …

        • Cindy says:

          So true

        • Pickled Tink says:

          @What, your are calling Mathias childish but make no mention of Canes behavior? Is his behavior reflective of a mature leader?

          Seems to me that both your response (name calling and shooting the messenger) along with Canies behavior is what most mature adults and leaders would call childish!

        • You mean Caines is a child based on his comments

        • Scuff says:

          The number of years a person has been alive have NOTHING to do with maturity. This appalling action demonstrates Mr Caines is NOT mature. He should not be a Government minister, nor should he looking after the most important portfolio for improving the lives of Bermuda’s most vulnerable people. It’s sending a terrible message to that community – that their fate is in the hands of this thoughtless misogynist.
          Mr Caines should not be running anything at all – and anywhere other than here in Fantasy Island he would not be.

    • Ajai says:

      He is an adult. Well over the legal age. And frankily his age doesn’t matter because what Caines said was disgusting and unbelievable. I am only 18, and I would voice my concern as well. Our leadership needs to be held accountable and I hope Minsiter Caines is repremended heavily for his antics. Tired of it.

      • Neednewname says:

        He is a child and has never run his own business or raised his own children so he needs to be quiet!

        • We Support You says:

          So…Because Mathias doesn’t own a business or have children he is a child? This is an unfair statement on so many levels. Is it primarily his age that bothers so?

          I know many older people who do not own businesses nor have children and I wouldn’t think they would ever be considered children!

          Burt is young – ohhhh but maybe because he has children and a business he’s considered an adult…maybe he should make some adult decisions now then and about this “tittymilkgate” so people can see him really adulting!

          Bermuda would do well to have more men Mathias’ age, caring about the betterment of OUR Country, as there are far worse things that he could be doing “at his age”.

        • Question says:

          Attacking the messenger. Lame. Like all of you these days.

        • Smh says:

          Never run his own business? Well if that’s a criteria, then that rules out most of the PLP. SMH at the hypocrisy and double standard.

        • BermieBorn says:

          You’re describing most of the PLP MP’s when it comes to running their own business.

        • PBanks says:

          This is ridiculous. If it was Moniz making the comment it would be something else to disqualify him. If it was Atherden, something else. Outerbridge, something else.

          He’s old enough to have a voice and an opinion so enough with the ageism.

        • Infidelguy says:

          What an ignorant a** comment!

    • Sad says:

      Ministers work hard to read briefs, work with staff,be punctual, do the right thing, give the best speeches every single time and one day at the end of a long day make one slip and they are asked to resign by a Senator who has achieved nothing and stands for nothing. Senator Mathias name is not associated with fixing any of Bermudas problems. Here in lies the country’s dilemma because most of the critics are not leaders on anything because they still cling to the milk bottle. Not one word or action from them on any issue. That is the problem and not a hard working conscientious Minister who is working hard for all of us and had one slip. Think about it.lets see action on the bigger issues….if you can stand the pressure for just one day in the kitchen.

      • Earth watch police p says:

        What has Caines fixed we can’t even fix some busses or pick up the trash.he only said that to show his boys how to talk to those women.

        • Can't believe it says:

          Sicko, what have you done to help in the community. The minister has done many things in the community to benefit young men it is my understanding that he is called on by mothers to help with their wayward sons. Something is wrong with our community iff an individual does many things for the community but he unfortunately makes a mistake, all of the good that was done goes out the window and the mistake is emphasized on. The complaints usually comes from those who don’t llift a finger to help out in the community.

    • Me says:

      He is one of the new faces of the OBA what u think the party will keep the same members forever the old one is gone like all our taxpayers money the PLP spent on a good time there is no OBA to blame for all your failed government issues for a long while, just the usual PLP let’s all fill our pockets and tell the sheeple supporters what they wanna hear as they get poorer example : already rich DREB gets 600,00 thousand taxpayers money

    • Bro says:

      Please give me your mothers or daughters info. I would love to ask them for some tiddy milk.

  2. Madge says:

    I think Mathias,is a great spokesperson for the OBA,give the other members a chance to respond to the disgusting remarks made by a senior minister of the PLP.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Had the Minister been an OBA Minister & the females in the shop been a certain race there would be smoke over Hamilton by now if that Minister was not history within a few days. Because this Minister is PLP this too shall pass

    • Can't believe it says:

      Don’t forget the open mike with Michael Dunkley a few years ago where he thought the mike was turned off. He remarked that Kim Swan and his wife are f—-king waste of time. Wasn’t that swept under the rug? As a matter of fact he became the leader of the 0BA.

      • Pequat1612 says:

        Michael Dunkley never said that Kim Swan or his wife were a waste of time he suggested the film was a waste of time.

  4. Stevie says:

    So where is Burt when his ministers say stupid remarks? AWOL one again. Caines you stupid child. Grow the hell up.

    • redrose says:

      The silence of every member of the PLP is noticeable on this – no-one coming out to defend him.

  5. Unbelievable says:

    What really should be realised by ALL in Bermuda is that Caines was in London to discuss child sex abuse and exploitation.

    Is ANYONE even listening?

    • sage says:

      No one cares that a recent local child molestation case only garnered a 4 month sentence, except the victim, no calls from anyone for the judge to resign, no statement from the multiple charities purporting to be the watchdogs for our youth/women and no appeal by the crown. Major disgrace. Caines (who was in the UK supposedly discussing child abuse) is pathetic, but so are all these political hacks crying for his resignation.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Why did you leave out the one of the baby getting thrown out the window ?

  6. Jim Bob says:

    I think failed wannabe MP Mathias needs to shut up. Did the OBA think that by appointing him to a position in the party because he is young would make the OBA more relevant to young people? If so, they are completely wrong. He is boring, old fashioned and out of touch. This is all a storm in a tea cup anyway.

    • What says:

      A storm in a cereal bowl!

    • redrose says:

      another person who prefers to ignore what is being said …. another person who believes in diversionary tactics

    • We Support You says:

      Again – show me the other young men lines up and ready to step up and make a difference for OUR Country.

      Lucky to have the few that we have.

    • Milk in a storm bottle says:

      Matthias will shortly be caught out on a statement…..it happens but then again I doubt it because he is doing nothing. Once he really gets busy he will make mistakes and at that point we can give him a pillow and a bottle of milk and send him home to bed for a very long, do not return, rest.What a wasted position putting Mathias there.

    • Stevie says:

      Where the f**k is the so called Premier when Caines screwed up. A nice phone call to him. Oh you stupid
      people who voted PLP in. Coming back to haunt you.

    • Stevie says:

      Storm in a tea cup? Bulls**t. He has to go.

    • Bro says:

      Please give me your mothers or daughters info. I would love to ask them for some tiddy milk.

    • Anbu says:

      I think all u old farts need to shut up or hurry up and expire already. Putting mathias in office is exactly what should have been done considering hes the next gen in politics. Old people are the main cause of our strifes with their constant chips on their shoulders. Move out of the way and let the youngsters take over. You oldie goldies are jacking up the country bigtime.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        It’s going to be hard finding any suitable ‘youngsters’ who’s world doesn’t revolve around their smart device .

  7. puzzled says:


    Justin needs to step back because with words and terms like that the OBA won’t have a hope in hell

    It’s a PLP problem and they better solve it quick.

    An opinion.

  8. v smtih says:


    • Ajai says:

      I don’t think he should resign. I think he should publicly apologize to our community, send an apology letter to the establishment in England in where this took place, and he should join with the Womens Resource Center or any other female organization and do some sort of collaboration against this type of behavior. And if he screws up again–yea he should resign.

    • Real Deal says:

      I will say what i pleases. an there and there are 3 females in my family.
      I have never bow down to threats never will because i am a man. women are not gods they are just humans nothing more

    • Bro says:

      Please give me your mothers or daughters info. I would love to ask them for some tiddy milk. Then let’s see how “stupid” it is.

  9. Real Deal says:

    They trying to make Bermy like usa where you cant say anything about anything and males have babies with males. we will fight so don’t hold your breath

    • LaV says:

      “They trying to make Bermy like usa where you cant say anything about anything and males have babies with males. we will fight so don’t hold your breath”

      Just reminding us what a bigoted, racist, homophobic sexist moron you are?…we haven’t forgotten, no worries, go away.

    • wahoo says:

      Wow! I Bet Caines and Burt are happy to have you in their camp.

    • Anbu says:

      And i can guarentee u u dont even have a girl. Prob got like 6 baby mamas tho inna?

  10. Hurricane says:

    No resignation necessary, Minister Caines, but like Stevie says, grow up and learn the power of social media.

    • Bob& says:

      He is a government minister, there should be no expectation of him understanding the power of technology…

    • Stevie says:

      Sorry but he needs to go.

  11. Ajai says:

    Minister Caines you obviously shouldn’t have social media. This is the second time I have witnessed your antics and carelessness on social media. So, kindly do your repuatation a favor and delete your account. Thank you.

    • redrose says:

      sure that was bad, no question – but it was not a sexist demeaning attack on a woman and it was not then posted on social media for all to see, was it?

      • Chauncey says:

        He DID send it out to Social Media. The moment he took the video and made the comment he went right out and sent it to his friends…at least 4,000 of them. He did not make the video and comment to his own purpose, he sent it out. To say the comment in a public space and make his comment to two young girls in the shop, he was way out of line and way out for a representative of Bermuda.

    • redrose says:

      and what about 10 cents a lick?

    • jt says:

      Not comparable in any way.

    • PLP did this not OBA says:

      Nice try tho.

  12. Question says:

    Obviously the PLP sees nothing wrong with harassing women. They think it’s funny.

  13. Milk in a storm bottle says:

    I have heard worse from so many of your self righteous respondents. I’ll start recording comments from men and women and posting them with dates and photos.

    • Island Gak says:

      The difference is that he is a MINISTER, a public official. A member of parliament should be held to a higher standard since he represents the people.

  14. Khalifakhan says:

    Let him or her who has no sin cast the first stone .. The comment is little significance that is not worth the attention. To me it was just a simple remark of little worth. A slip of the tongue and the negative that exist in all. Useless dialogue.

  15. Bermuda should be ashamed says:

    You folks are seriously misguided.

    Step back and look at the level of discourse here to khans localized and politicized a serious issue.

    Your minister has debased half the population of this planet and you all think it’s ok and make it a local pithy little argument.

    It’s it enough that your country and politicians have run rough shed over human right but now over women’s rights.

    You folks are clearly a bit out to lunch. Good luck on your “little l island!!

    The rest of the world laughs at you!!!

  16. Humphrey says:

    It’s not a resigning offence.its likedeath sentencefor killing a chicken

  17. Dready says:

    This guy is a disgrace to Bermuda and himself. How can anyone take anything he says seriously? Degrading women. Making such stupid, crude statements of women!

  18. puzzled says:

    As an after thought he should resign.

    But that will not happen.

    Big cars, fancy clothes, cocktail parties, good salary, free trips, hotel expences, budget means, people saluting you, parking spaces, no tickets, …….or well you guys think of somethings because I ran out of comma’s………

    • Well well says:

      Yeah….you ran out of commas because you are stupid. Like so many people you assume the whole thing is so easy and in your homes, personal lives and work you have never made a mistake. I have had so many awful comments made to me on a regular basis so get ready to hear them and see them. No free passes. Get ready “Puzzled”. Get ready Bermuda.

  19. Why are all you people on here complaining about Justin and the OBA. Really disgusting how childish and ignorant you can be. Deal with the consequences Caine’s said no ands ifs or buts he should mature and take his role that we tax payers are paying and carry himself according.

    • Boy says:

      Again it’s a storm in a cereal bowl! Get over it and move on!

  20. cedar stump says:

    568 Disappointed voters in Devonshire North West today! PLP get more and more like Trump on a daily basis.

  21. Warwick Beaches says:

    Honestly, milkgate is not going away and has, and will continue to, affect Caines ability to do his position. Seriously Burt, sit down and realize that the PLP will not lose significant power by having Caines step down. He will be no big loss and we do not need such a character representing us. It will improve the party image and their service to Bermuda. It will also just be a matter of time before it is something else with this guy and you will hear about everything all over again. Only a matter of time.

    Remember what happens when you continue to disrespect the people. You get thrown out.

    • Rockfish#1 says:

      Premier Burt really cannot fire Caines. The tribe (fraternity brothers) has spoken.
      He will remain on the protected species list.

  22. Stevie says:

    There was Watergate in the Nixon era.
    No collution b/s with Trump & the Russians. Now we have ti**ygate with Caines & the PLP.

  23. Not an OBA issue says:

    This shouldn’t be a PLP vs. OBA issue. This is about a Minister traveling on business acting like an immature 13 year old boy making insensitive and derogatory comments about a female. This is a glimpse into what he thinks and how he acts at 7am traveling on government business. One can only imagine what he says and does when hs phone is turned off. Oh yes, he taped this incident himself and sent it to thousands of people, thinking his behavior and comments were humorous. Maybe he could have sent out a video of all the great work he did while in London or his apology to the Premier, better yet, his apology to the Young women in the establishment. No, his apology referred to they didn’t hear me, ok, but ever young person in Bermuda did! Resignation please.

  24. Khalifakhan says:

    Tity milk … ah … what’s the big issue concerning? Tity milk …is milk from a tity. …real milk…. not manufactured. I notice that there was no mention as to what type of tity milk actually refered to .. goat milk , cow milk or camel milk. …just tity milk. What wrong with that? There was no mention about breast milk. Somethings can readily be taken out context and direct to offensive gesture never intended. This whole lot of hella balu about nothing.

  25. Hair says:

    Want see a punishment, Canines needs to step down from his position for a little while!!!

    • Really says:

      So you want to punish him by taking him to the stocks in St George? Get real. He slipped once and has been raked over the coals by the Premier and the foreign press. Some people want blood.
      But when you look at Bermuda and his numerous critics very few people want to serve. Why? Because they wouldn’t last one day under pressure and they have no ideas. Caines slipped but he can recover. Yes, we do believe in forgiveness and we have to admit we have heard worse. We need all hands on deck….especially his virulent critics.

  26. cpm says:

    Very interesting how the usual plp sheepies support poor behaviour/judgement from our elected officials
    We all know had roles been reversed there would be marches and riots
    Tweed got status yet?

  27. Oh,I see now says:

    Mr Caines you need to slow your roll before you undo alllll of the good work you have achieved in this island.Human nature would have people remember that silly remark rather than the free haircuts and school supplies.You have a lot to offer ,pull slack tight and get your $hit back on track.Whomever was keeping you grounded in the past is sleeping on the job.

  28. Really says:

    So you want to punish him by taking him to the stocks in St George? Get real. He slipped once and has been raked over the coals by the Premier and the foreign press. Some people want blood.
    But when you look at Bermuda and his numerous critics very few people want to serve. Why? Because they wouldn’t last one day under pressure and they have no ideas. Caines slipped but he can recover. Yes, we do believe in forgiveness and we have to admit we have heard worse. We need all hands on deck….especially his virulent critics.

  29. Warwick West says:

    Hero to Zero. :-(

  30. Clem says:

    There is only room for one milkman in Bermuda. Men need to learn from T****gate and put their brain into gear and the social media postings proffesional.

  31. Casey says:

    Did anyone really expect that Burt would ask for a resignation?

  32. Imjustsaying says:

    Of course the OBA are going to say he should resign. He’s a big threat to them.

  33. Swhat happins when you ask a member of the society of the lactose intolerant for titty milk

  34. Dready says:

    You get what you voted for sheeple. Fancy trips, govt credit card paid for by the people, first class travel in hotels, free dinners and luncheons, nice govt car with no expenses, big salaries for falling asleep at work, all for the politicians.
    The people get the privilege to pay for it. Wow, this is great. Oh, also get ready to pay more in taxes, the elected officials want to remain in the trappings of power.
    Where are the Ghandis or Mandelas? We need them!

  35. birdlegs says:

    This man is a minister in the government. A minister can’t make remarks like this and expect any sympathy from the electorate. PLP women where are you, you should be outraged. He should be a man and resign.

  36. Family Man says:

    I can picture the t-shirt:

    I’m Bermuda’s Minister of National Security
    and I need to check your titty milk supplies.

  37. Time Shall Tell says:

    Lol, they smell blood and are now salivating at the mouth at the prospect of scoring an easy meal. The pass was given to Dunkley as well as Bob Richards with nowhere near this much of a backlash. How quickly people forget all the years of good a person does but refuse to forget the one slip up in your life. How quickly we’re talking about someone who has given back to the community in many capacities. Was the joke in bad taste yes, but not to the level as being career ending.

  38. Realist says:

    We should try to take the politics out of this situation and think clearly.
    It would conceivably be okay to forgive a man an immature thought that struck him ‘funny’ early in the morning. But for our Minister of National Security to go as far as to share this immature boyish humor on a public social media site, while attending an overseas conference (on child sex abuse and exploitation) on Bermuda’s behalf is frankly unforgivable.
    This Minister has proven that he is not capable of letting his immature ego and perceived self worth get in the way of clear thinking and has lost his credibility to all Bermudians and indeed the global public. He will not be able to be taken seriously in any global forum, and has embarrassed Bermuda and himself indelibly.
    As any immature person needing guidance and correction, Mr Caine’s needs to be relieved of his post immediately and sent to the back benches for a ‘time out’.
    I personally don’t think that at his age he can recover any credibility from this gross error of judgement and should be quickly phased out of politics. I, for one, will always think of him as the “ti**y milkman whenever I see or hear him speak.
    Yes it is a shame for many unassociated reasons , but it was a self inflicted wound.

  39. One minute your cool then you want him to resign…a resignation really???
    What happinedto BFF?…you heard me…what happinedto to breast friends forever?

  40. MT says:

    Ohhh puleezeeee!!!! Ti**y Milk, Breast Milk what’s the diference? They both mesan the same thing? If someone in the OBA said this I guarantee you it wouldn’t be a problem, but just because Wayne Caines is PLP y’all making noise about it. Get a life for real!!! All you men on here complaining were most likely bought up on ti**y or breast milk and still like it today so why y’all complaining. Outright fools and being petty!! y’all need to Shut up!!! Wayne Caines isn’t going anywhere!!!

  41. AG says:

    Get a life you people and stop making things bigger than what it is!!! Y’all don’t have anything better to do, do you but sit up on here and worry about a breast/ti**y milk statement. OBA has said and done worse than this so what’s the issue??!!