Premier In NY For Meetings & Concordia Summit

September 25, 2018 | 39 Comments

Premier and Minister of Finance David Burt traveled to New York City yesterday afternoon where he held a series of meetings and participated in two events at the Annual Concordia Summit.

“On Monday afternoon, 24 September, Premier Burt was interviewed in a ‘fireside chat’ by Mercina Tillemann-Dick, Chief Operating Officer of the Global Blockchain Business Council [GBBC]. The Premier discussed Bermuda’s fast-paced progress to create world-leading FinTech regulation,” a Government spokesperson said.

“Earlier today, the Premier was part of a panel discussion, entitled, “GovOS – Building a New Operating System for Government”, where he spoke about plans to make the Bermuda Government more efficient through the use of technology.”

Premier Burt provided an overview of the meetings he had, “While in New York, I took the opportunity to meet with Sandra Ro, the CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council to advance plans to host a GBBC retreat in Bermuda next spring.

“I also met with Mr. Michael Casey a well know author, who is with the Digital Currency Initiative at MIT. We discussed collaboration opportunities between Bermuda and MIT.

“Earlier this afternoon, I met with Mr. Raymond Zenkich, President of BlockRe – a company offering crypto-asset risk insurance. They had heard about what Bermuda is doing in the FinTech space and wanted to discuss how they can set up operations in Bermuda. This is the latest in a string of companies that will be setting up physical operations in Bermuda which will create employment opportunities for Bermudians.

“The meetings and participation in the conference were opportunities to continue to highlight Bermuda as a leading jurisdiction for FinTech companies.”

The Premier returns to Bermuda this evening”

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Comments (39)

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  1. Handle our business while de opposition sort themselves out.

    • Wahoo says:

      Yes please handle it nicely with emotion. Please remember that real Bermudians need more money. Can you get us more money?

    • Jt says:

      14 months. Nothing yet.

    • Question says:

      I guess he went there straight from the prayer breakfast.

      This is why he hasn’t commented on the disastrous news that we’re back in recession and retail sales have fallen off a cliff. “Too busy” travelling around chit chatting with “important people” while Bermudians suffer.

      • The opposition will grill him.
        Hold it, they still need to explain JetGate.

        • Eye 4 and Eye says:

          They sure will and we look forward to an explanation from Dr Brown about the flight he took on a private jet belonging to the owner of Globalhue prior to the Dept of Tourism which was under his portfolio awarding that same company the contract.

          • Toodle-oo says:

            And still nothing but crickets.
            I’ve come to the conclusion that OJ knows nothing about this because surely with all of his impartiality he’d be all over it if he did .. lol
            ‘The real Jetgate’

  2. eyes wide open says:

    This is the latest in a string of companies that will be setting up physical operations in Bermuda which will create employment opportunities for Bermudians.

    btw,plots of land on the Moon are now available which would give employment opportunities for Bermudians!

  3. Dunn juice says:

    Mean while at the bus depot, oh never mind bit coin going to solve all our problems.
    I keep asking with no response not even from the voters, does anyone even in govt know and care to share what our national debt has escalated to?

  4. Lala says:

    Is he ever in Bermuda??

  5. Onion says:

    When will he comment on the PLP recession?

  6. Mark says:

    Who is david burt? I have no idea who this fellow is. Havent heard or seen this guy around the island.

  7. campervan says:

    Meanwhile the potholes in the roads go unattended and multiply. The cracks in the infrastructure are getting obvious.
    Sort it out PLP.
    24/12. Its your brief.

    • Eye 4 and Eye says:

      Take a drive to Ferry Reach. I am not exaggerating when I say the trees and grass have been neglected to so long and hang so far into the road that it is now just wide enough for a single car to pass by. Someone will be seriously hurt there. It’s not if but rather when. Disgusting!!!!

      It gets bad just pass the women’s prison but gets out right dangerous just before Ferry Reach.

  8. Triangle Drifter says:

    There should be a lottery for all the air miles this premier racks up. They can be awarded to a few taxpayers chosen at random. Who gets to use them now? Lemme guess.

  9. Retro says:

    It would be interesting to know how much money has been spent traveling to these crypto conferences. It must be a considerable amount.

  10. Predictable says:

    Our very own “Air Miles Andy”.

  11. Bermy Greens says:

    One thing for sure Burt is definitely for the people ….. The people around the world ! Not the people of bermuda !! People are suffering jobless homeless and what is he doing to fix it …. when will the people of Bermuda wake up to our don’t give a F government ….,

  12. Comfortably numb says:

    “Plans to make the Bermuda government more efficient”, not in my lifetime.

  13. Oh thank god says:

    Oh thank heavens you’re alive! I thought you had been kidnapped by some sketchy bitcoin company you been dealing with. Speaking of which, how’s that going? How many bitcoins have you collected so far? We need money and we need it now! Also raise the speed limit to 60kph please, I’m tired of all these Sunday drivers out here going 35kph makin me late for work and ting.

  14. Not exactly says:

    J-O-B-S. Where are the jobs? I see plenty of Bermudians working at the airport you so enthusiastically marched against.

  15. hmmm says:

    Davids still the Premier?

  16. question says:

    I guess he has to come back today to authorize the latest $600,000 payment to Ewart.

  17. Gustav says:

    no worries
    Blockchain and 25-11
    will solve all your problems .
    sooner or later

  18. Mark says:

    All this while “Dr” Ewart Brown is set to be given more taxpayers money! What is going on? same old plp, making hay for the rich few while the rest of us suffer. socialist labour party? what a joke

    • stormy daniels says:

      Wonder if Dr Soares that along with Dr Brown was complaining about the price of the ct scanning is get…. also?

  19. Mark says:

    Lets see: no jobs created, economy on a downturn, cost of living higher than ever and theyre just traveling around the world on our dime and dishing out cash to their cronies. Where are the protesters and marchers? why is no one who voted for these guys saying anything? They have done absolutely zero for anyone on this island except for themselves and their friends.

  20. somuchless says:

    This guy flies around the globe more than a titty milk fly

  21. Jadon says:

    Didn’t hear any of you complaining about the debt when the OBA doubled it in 4 years lol … sorry sorry my mistake… I forgot it doesn’t count when OBA does it because then it’s “o well we have to spend money to make money” or “ but it’s for the America’s cup which will bring money here for years and years” ya ok….

    • question says:

      Because they didn’t ‘double it in 4 years’. That’s another PLP myth.

    • question says:

      National Debt.
      2005: $175m
      2012: $1,400m
      Mid-2017: $2,400bn

      So in years the PLP managed to increase Bermuda’s debt by 800%.
      The OBA increased Bermuda’s debt by 70% in 4 years.

      Or you can believe the PLP fake news.

      But no problem. Burt is going to start paying off the debt by 2019. He has a plan.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Did you complain when they had to meet obligations from the previous administration ? Did you complain when they didn’t get rid of half the civil service ? Did you complain when they did their best to continue to meet social services that were demanded by the very people who would never vote for them anyway ?
      And you’ve already been corrected on the attempt at re-writing history so I’ll leave that alone.
      Where do you think we’re going to be in 4 year’s time ? This isn’t going to end well .

  22. Been There says:

    Same old tired people with the same old complaints. Give it a rest you sore losers. Carry on Mr. Premier. Ignore the haters.

  23. Survivor says:

    What’s interesting is this Government is hell bent on the bitcoin/crypto currency band wagon. I bet all those protesting relentlessly about the OBA really don’t know what this is about. They have undying faith this will bring jobs. Are they even aware the jobs created will require high IT skills and financial credentials? They won’t be jobs for the majority of unemployed low skilled persons seeking jobs. Finance (part of Math) and IT are two failing areas in our school system. You would think the Government would be looking more practically to setting up a new age school preparing students exclusively for the work of finance, IT, banking and insurance/reinsurance. Just a thought and maybe it will be picked up by one of the politicians for brownie points.

  24. Thank you, Premier Burt.
    Your transparency, forthrightness, dedication, commitment, knowledge, educational
    background, is commendable.
    DO continue on in your brilliant way, putting Bermudians born here first!!

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