Tractor Trailer & Construction Vehicle Advisory

September 27, 2018

The Transport Control Department is reminding owners of tractor trailers and self-propelled construction machines that “road use is prohibited every Monday to Friday during the following hours 7:45am – 9:15am and 4:30pm – 6:00pm.

“This restriction does not apply to container trucks that do not have a container or container trailer attached,” a spokesperson said.

“For more information, please contact the Transport Control Department at 292-1271.”

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  1. JIGGSBDA says:

    It’s about time this reminder was put out there… I always thought that was the law, but to see it flouted so often I was unsure whether this was still the case.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      I could stand roadside for 15 minutes and see 50 examples of infractions without even trying . And to make it worse the police will be in front of or behind the offenders and do nothing at all .
      I swear that 99% of the current police members haven’t got a clue as to road vehicle laws.

      • Question says:

        I’ve seen Policemen on motorbikes ignore someone riding at full speed along the sidewalk in Hamilton, right in front of them.

        • Bye bye bye says:

          I was at a stop light in Hamilton next to a cop car and a woman on a bike ran the red light and the cops did nothing! They drive off and turned into BAA to get coffee! The state of policing in Bermuda is a joke! This new guy is not paying attention to road laws!

          • Y-Gurl says:

            Agreed, we have one of the worst Police services of any of the countries I have worked in, it appears they work very hard at not having to do things and are allowed to be selective on what the do, the investigative branch has an abysmal record but we have to settle for it

          • Toodle-oo says:

            I recently had a very interesting conversation about all of this with a ‘civil servant’ who used to be very closely connected with the police service in a related position . His skills are now being put to use in a different area.
            We talked about all of the blatant examples of what’s going on on the roads 24 hours a day and his revelation as to why nothing is being done was exactly what I thought all along.
            I would post it but I doubt that any of it would clear moderation and if it did OJ would be all over it like white on rice.

      • PBanks says:

        Agree. It’s like the officers have tunnel vision or something.

    • Picked Tink says:

      Personally I think that this law needs to be updated. I can kind of understand if they said “not within Hamilton” during those hours. But to say they cant be on the road at all is crazy! If someone is driving a simple container rig and travelling East along North shore at 8am what traffic are they hindering. If they are travelling West along South Road in Paget at 8:ooam how are they a hindrance or danger?

      TCD please clarify? If they are driving at 7:10am and get stuck in traffic along East Broadway and are still there at :16 should they stop and park the vehicle for fear that they will be reported to TCD or charged an fined! Has there been a massive spike in container truck accidents and cars at these times that are the fault of the drivers of these machines? Are we banning – just to ban?

      TCD need to start setting an example. How is it that the enforcement officers at TCD, the staff, and the Minister drive by Parsons Road, Palmetto Road, Field View Lane on their way to work each day and don’t see any of the abandoned cars that are left for months at a time on the side of the roads – until someone complains? Selective vision?

      Work with these guys and girls so that this makes sense! Why cant someone on the docks at 8:00am leave the docks and travel out of Hamilton – if traffic is coming into town during morning rush hour.

      I will agree that heavy machines like cranes that usually require an escort and tend to move slowly and take up more than one lane should not be on the road. But to ban something is just ignorant. A labour government, stopping labour….you can’t make this stuff up.

  2. mixitup says:

    Good, now what about those slow drivers? 35kph is just not helping safety on the roads. 2% of drivers drive at that speed (They always seem to be in front of me)..
    The rest will take risk to pass them at the first chance, not to mention the other 15 cars behind them.. Raising the speed limit to 45 is our best bet at calming the flow.

  3. Picked Tink says:

    And while I’m on the topic of abandoned vehicles. There are a bunch across from Standard Hardware and Mission Road that they have ignored for years! Flat tires and missing parts is a good sign that they have been abandoned. Find the owners and fine them!

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    So, the docks operate between 8 am til 4 pm, with the gate opening at 730am, and the last truck being served at 4pm. This means that every tractor trailer on the island will have to be on the dock with a trailer before 745 am, and every tractor trailer has to wait on the dock until 915 to leave. Or, tractor trailer drivers work day will start at 915 am. Also, if the driver leaves the dock at 415-420 with a container, what is the driver to do until 6pm?

    • Poppa says:

      The whole rule needs someone with a bit of common sense to look at it. Bans are usually put in place by those that sit on boards and lack the brains, ability or knowledge to find a solution.