Vice Article Highlights Bermuda Fish Sandwiches

September 10, 2018 | 2 Comments

In a story entitled, “How the Fried Fish Sandwich Became One of Bermuda’s Most Important Cultural Staples,” Vice Munchies highlighted the island’s fish sandwiches describing the offerings from a number of restaurants and saying, “any of them could be the best damn thing you’ve ever tasted—and that’s what an encounter with the Bermudian fish sandwich is really about.”

The story by Jillian Dara said, “Sure, no one can agree who makes the best version of this sandwich, but that’s what gives this island’s culinary delight so much character.

Slideshow showing some of the entrants in the 2015 BTA fish sandwich contest


“I discovered that fish pon buns were the perfect drunken indulgence as I neared the legal drinking age [18 years old] living on the island of Bermuda. In search of the ideal late-night fried food, my friends and I could often be found devouring the sandwiches in the wee hours of the morning, or alternatively, as hangover cures following a night of rum swizzles.

“The heap of fried fish between coleslaw, hot sauce, and a tartar-smeared bun provides the satiating flavor combos of hot and cold, spicy and sweet, textured and greasy. And with a lighter batter than you’d expect from a fish ‘n chip or fried chicken, it absorbs your drunken decisions without weighing you down.

“It wasn’t until I had consumed far too many sandwiches as solely drunken grub, however, that I realized the fish pon bun isn’t the traditional, Bermuda fish sandwich, but rather an alternative to the behemoth version stacked on raisin toast that dominates the island.”

You can read the full story here on Vice Munchies.


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  1. sage says:

    This guy needs to seek counseling.

  2. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    After the 2015 competition over the next year I tried the top 5 finishers. They, Rosa’s, Woody’s, Tribe road Kitchen, North Shore place? & Angie’s were GOOD All deserved their positioning. Art Mels could be in there too.
    Publicize the GREAT FOODS cooked here like Cassava/Farine Pies,Conch Stews & Fritters, Hash Shark or Hash Fish (I make too), Red Bean, Green P soups too.

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