Allegations Of ‘Inappropriate Touching’ Of Child

October 1, 2018

The Bermuda Health Council said they “recently received information about an unregulated health professional who allegedly engaged in inappropriate touching of a sexual nature with a child,” adding that they are “taking this step to highlight this information because of the risks faced by the public including children and other young people.”

“The allegations are being investigated as the Council referred the matter to relevant authorities. In light of this allegation, the Health Council reminds the public to check if your health professional is registered, and practices in a safe facility before you receive healthcare,” they said.

Tawanna Wedderburn, CEO states: “The Health Council supports safe, quality care. Through a recent survey we conducted, the public asked us to speak up. We are meeting that request. Unusually, we are taking this step to highlight this information because of the risks faced by the public including children and other young people.

“Generally, no one has the authority to check most health facilities or the practices of unregulated health professionals. It is important that there is adequate oversight of those delivering health services.

“We view this serious information not only as important information to share but as an opportunity to improve our health system and protect the public from future harm. We are partnering with agencies in the community to do research and will keep advocating for what is best for the health of Bermuda.”

“The Health Council may be limited by our legislation to act on these matters, but we support the public in asking questions about their care and will always listen. We are also liaising with professional associations to encourage greater oversight of unregulated professionals. We encourage the public to contact us anytime they are concerned.

“Regulated health professionals include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, allied health professionals, optometrists/opticians, and midwives. Unregulated professionals include those who practice acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, social work, counselling, naturopathy, and various assistants to regulated health professionals [e.g. physiotherapy assistant].

“If you need to know which health professionals are registered to deliver care in Bermuda, visit our website or call 292-6420. The Health Council will continue, as always, to advocate for the changes Bermuda’s health system requires.”

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