HealthCare Patients ‘Extremely Concerned’

October 15, 2018

[Updated] The patients of Bermuda HealthCare Services [BHCS] said they “remain extremely concerned that after twenty months their medical files that were removed from the clinic by the Police during a raid last February, have still not been returned.”

The patients indicated that they “are up in arms” as they have been informed that the Bermuda Police Service may be “attempting to examine their records without their permission.”

“This is a gross breach of confidentiality,” said Dr. Mahesh Reddy, Chief Medical Director of BHCS. “The information contained in those medical files is intended only for the patients’ physicians, not the Bermuda Police Service”.

Boxes being removed from the clinic by the police last February


Spokesperson for BHCS’ patients, Ms. Wilma Fubler, said that “from what she has been able to ascertain, the matter with BHCS began seven years ago with an allegation of corruption by BHCS’s founder, Dr. Ewart Brown, in July of 2011.”

“It was long after his retirement from politics that the inquisition into Dr. Brown shifted to BHCS and Brown-Darrell Clinic, another business owned by Dr. Brown,” the statement noted.

“Thus far, the Bermuda Police Service’s investigation into Dr. Brown has caused the Bermuda taxpayer in excess of $5 million which includes the Lahey lawsuit brought by the former Attorney General, Trevor Moniz. That suit was dismissed by a Massachusetts court earlier this year

“We, the patients are calling on the government to protect our right to confidentiality,” Ms. Fubler said.

The patients of Bermuda HealthCare Services are being represented by lawyer, Mark Pettingill and patients with questions should contact him or Dr. Reddy directly at 236-2810.

Update 10.42am: The police said, ““As this matter remains under investigation, no further comment can be made at this time.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    “We, the patients are calling on the government to protect our right to confidentiality,” Ms. Fubler said.

    Read “We, the patients are calling on the government to prevent the Bermuda Police Service from doing its job”

    • Wahoo says:

      Sounds like orchestrated outrage doesn’t it….They might have my records but I couldn’t care less.

  2. eyes wide open says:

    this would make a great storyline for the Dr.Who series.

  3. inna says:

    We’re not deeply concerned this time?

  4. Mark says:

    Arent they accused of fraud by ordering unecessary tests? If so, shouldnt they be able to look at them as thats the only way they can prove the fraud? Surely there must be a way to do this while limiting and breaches of privacy. I bet thats what theyre doing but the doctors are seeking help from their friends in politics by putting out this statement. If we the people have been victims of fraudulent actions, shouldnt we know?

  5. Y-Gurl says:

    What rights do the patients have, can your medical files be examined without your permission, we all know the BPS has more leaks than a water tank after an earthquake so the information will be “out there” or will they try to use medical information in coercion, for sure it’s all been copied so what’s the hold up (apart from the usual BPS inefficiencies)

  6. cpm says:

    Time for tweed and his peoples campaign to march
    Has he got status yet through the proper channels?