Bermuda San Da Team Heading To Argentina

October 25, 2018

A team of five San Da athletes, representing the Bermuda Sanshou Association [BSA], are due to compete in the 12th Pan American Wushu Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina from October 30th through November 5th.

The Bermuda team consists of:

  • Krista Dyer – Female 65kg – Team Captain
  • Dean Jones – Male 75kg
  • Johneiro Outerbridge – Male 80kg
  • Kaelin Cox – Male 56kg
  • Ryley Mason – Junior Female 60kg

For all but Team Captain Dyer, this will be the majority of the athlete’s first time competing in the Regional Championships. Dyer picked up a Silver Medal in 2016 when she lost in the final to USA’s Emily Diaz. With the form she has displayed over the last year with wins over former world championship medalist Ragan Beedy and Canada’s Sara Buczek, Dyer will be looking to up her performance from two in the hope of claiming Gold.

Outerbridge scored an impressive first round knockout win at Sanda Kicks and Licks – Barbados vs the Rest of the World earlier this year in May and has been training very hard to improve his san da game in the hope to shoot for a chance of medaling.

Jones, who captured a Bronze at the same event in Barbados will be fighting in the 75kg category. Sentwali Woolridge, who will be accompanying Garon Wilkinson as a coach, won this category in impressive fashion in 2014. Jones will be looking forward to stepping into Woolridge’s shoes and representing at the regional level for the first time.

Cox, who is more known for his accomplishments in kung fu forms will be competing in san da for the first time in the male 56kg category. Cox has one win under his belt in boxing and lots of experience in point sparring but is looking forward to representing Bermuda on the lei tai [fighting platform] for the first time.

Mason is the first junior female to represent Bermuda and will be competing in the 15 – 17 year old female 60kg division. Mason has trained and competed for a number of years in traditional karate and her skills have transferred effortlessly over to the full contact form of san da.

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