Road Sobriety Checkpoints From Oct 12 To 14

October 8, 2018 | 27 Comments

The Bermuda Police Service will be conducting road sobriety checkpoints this weekend in Pembroke, Devonshire and Paget parishes.

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service [BPS] would like to advise the public that the next series of road sobriety checkpoints will be conducted this weekend from Friday [Oct 12] to Sunday [Oct 14].

“The Bermuda Police Service would like to advise the public that the next series of road sobriety checkpoints [as specified in the Official Gazette Notice Friday, October 5th] will be conducted this weekend.

“The checkpoints will be in effect in Pembroke, Devonshire and Paget parishes on Friday, October 12th, Saturday, October 13th and Sunday, October 14th.”

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Comments (27)

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  1. sage says:

    Waiting to see what they will do next month when the rugby classic is going on.

    • Edward says:

      I am sure checkpoints will be set up directly outside of the rugby classic…

      • Friends says:

        Yeah right! That will NEVER happen! That would be a disaster and affect all future events including sponsors!

    • legalgal says:

      Easy. Front Street and the stadium! Just don’t drink and drive. So simple.

      • Friends says:

        But that is why sponsors support the rugby classis so it’s payrons can have drinks and have a good time drinking and eating! Get it? You crack down on that event and I guarantee sponsors pull out next year because patrons complain about lack of taxis and low cost transport for those who will drink

        • sage says:

          That explains why it has been a free-for-all ever since inception, that ridiculous sense of entitlement, some feel hanging around drinking a dangerous drug then driving home is ok. Claiming sponsors will pull out and bars will layoff employees are scare tactics but would imply these people should be held at least partially responsible for the mayhem their product causes.

    • Kenny says:

      Yea you’re right… the check points will move to Clearwater and dockyard only for the entire weekend AND ALL taxis will be parked outside National Stadium, thus not answering their radios

    • biggadon says:

      its gonna be rather interesting !

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Don’t panic . I have no doubt that there will be ‘new locations’ set up in Devonshire over the course of the event.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    Why only the central parishes? Why not Sandys parish or St. George’s parish?

    • Blinkblink says:

      Pretty clear they’re only going after people who spend money in town. You drink at a friends party out east or west, or some of the local clubs, feel free to drink drive!

      We’re not serious about solving drink driving until Uber or Lyft are allowed. Having taxis clearly hasn’t solved the problem.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        uuh , if suspect , drivers can still be stopped and checked the way they always used to be without getting stopped in an organized sweep.

        • Blinkblink says:

          Then why do we need a sweep? And how many officers do you think will be patrolling in the areas outside of the checkpoints, which require a great deal of manpower?

          Right now the message is “It’s only a problem if you drink drive from Town.”

          • Toodle-oo says:

            uuh , there’s no doubt that people are driving under the influence (of many things) island wide but it ought to be pretty obvious to anyone that the organized checkpoints located where they are (so far) is going after the low hanging fruit .
            Who knows ? If things eventually dry up in the present locations I have no doubt that they will then spread out to other zones.
            As for your other question about manpower , it’s probably safe to say that the existing road patrols will still be on the lookout as they always were , wherever they’re located.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Parking outside of roadblocks. Shuttles to run you through the roadblocks.

  4. WSP says:

    Going to be interesting when the bars and restaurants start laying people off because of lack of business,what will happen then.
    They are already feeling the pinch and with Christmas around the corner.

  5. MB says:

    This will kill bar and restaurant business whose market is slim as it is. Did anyone consult them first? Did the officials even consider the lack of taxis as it is, now throw in triple demand from locals and the crisis worsens. I am guessing no, because Bermuda never considers the big picture and the fact people who rely on jobs in bars and restaurants will be jobless soon. Meanwhile people swerve or simply drive across the median daily with no consequence, fail to yield at roundabouts, overtake recklessly … Never see any checks there

  6. Friends says:

    at this rate with double hit from Police and sugar tax you would have to be stupid to go out and order a bottle of wine or mixed drinks! It looks like tap water all around and split the starter and entree! Bermuda nightlife will die a quick death!

  7. Southampton says:

    It does not make sense to publish where the road checks will be conducted.
    All you are doing is telling people do not drive in a specific area if you are going to drink or have been drinking.

    Come on BPS, where are your brains.

  8. Jt says:

    Anyone moaning about this is simply condoning drunk driving.

    • MB says:

      In fact many of the drunk driving road deaths occur dayside…when police have gone home or not checking.
      There is a culture of drunk driving here, you see it at lunchtimes in parks and in the discarded beers and minitures, authorities can’t change people, so help the innocent. Make the roads safer with physical centre line flexible markers, make people safer by providing cheaper Uber as option, Twizzies for 16 and up over bikes, and most of all do the random sobriety checks during the DAY, HELLO??

  9. Drink Titty Milk-2 reasons says:

    Swap TITTY MILK for booze because:

    1. TITTY MILK is better for you; and
    2. The PLP GVT fully support the Consumption of and those that consume TITTY MILK. Bermuda’s new health drink. D’TITTY MILK.

    Bring on de TITTY MILK and don’t get done for DWI.

    Simple! Truth! Blessings!

  10. Friends says:

    And I think we are forgetting that drink driving is not the major cause of accidents. People who don’t obey driving laws are! Until we bring back motorcycle police who fine people for over taking on yellow lines or running lights we have the constant potential for road accidents and deaths! Forget the drinking for now we need to change the culture of driving itself and not tolerate this 3rd lane driving that we see every day at 9am and 5pm and otherwise

    • sage says:

      This kind of garbage is why I call for comprehensive, itemized stats to be made public. Forget about drinking, but concentrate on an activity that is neither illegal nor inherently unsafe? Reading this I could assume you drive a car, drink alcohol and do both simultaneously as well as thinking it is ok.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        I think that what Friends is saying is something that I’ve said for years.
        So say we have 15 road traffic deaths in any given year . According to (very approximate) stats booze is a factor in 50% of them . Bear in mind that it’s never reported if the victim had something else in their system. When was the last time anyone can recall reading a coroner’s inquest in the paper ?
        So that’s 7-8 deaths a year due to driving under the influence out of 15 accidents (crashes)
        But wait , there’s something like 2000 vehicle accidents a year , maybe even more , where booze was not a factor.
        As I’ve said for a very long time , you can not go out onto the streets at any time of the day without observing totally lawless and out of control behavior. Pick your time ..7am? 10am ? Mid-day? 2pm? 5pm? 7pm ? Are these people all drunk ? No way in h*ll.
        They’re just out of control .
        I have a feeling that you’re old enough to recall when traffic cops were everywhere all the time and we didn’t have the mayhem that we do now .
        So , how did we get to this point one may ask ?
        It’s all about politics.

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