St. George’s Dental Clinic Officially Re-Opened

October 9, 2018 | 3 Comments

The St. George’s Dental Clinic was officially re-opened, having been “recently renovated to meet the needs of its clients.”

A Government spokesperson said, “Yesterday, the Minister of Health The Hon. Kim Wilson JP MP, along with members of Department of Health’s Oral Health Section, officially re-opened the St. George’s Dental Clinic.

“The clinic was recently renovated to meet the needs of its clients and a full time dentist and hygienist have been employed.

“The new clinic offers comprehensive services to children aged 0-18 years, seniors 65 and over, and priority groups including prisons and uninsured clients. The clinic is open from 8:45am to 4:45pm. Emergencies can be seen, but individuals should call the clinic first.

“The St. George’s Health Centre is located at 1 Old Military Road, St. George’s. The contact number is 297-8200.”

St George’s Health Centre Bermuda Oct 2018 (1)

St George’s Health Centre Bermuda Oct 2018 (2)

St George’s Health Centre Bermuda Oct 2018 (3)

St George’s Health Centre Bermuda Oct 2018 (4)

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  1. Love my tooth says:

    Well Done Oral Health. We are delighted to have you back.
    Good Job.

  2. Tooth Hurty says:

    I was on board until I read

    Children 1-18 – I agree
    Seniors over 65 – I agree
    Priority Groups like prisoners…… Wait , what did I just read? I had to read again. HUH.???

    So let me get this straight.

    I live in the East, pay my taxes, have always work hard and honestly and I am not welcome there. But a convicted child molester, murderer, gang member, drug dealer, gun importer is considered PRIORITY!

    Wow , who says crime don’t pay.

    What is wrong with this picture!

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Would you prefer they be taken to a private practice instead? Or would you prefer a private dentist office be built in the prison just for them with on-demand house calls from hygenist & dental surgeons? I don’t think so because you would be complaining about that as well.

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