Video: Minister Roban On Draft Bermuda Plan

December 3, 2018

[Updated] Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban is holding a press conference this afternoon [Dec 3], with the Ministry saying the press conference will be regarding a matter involving the Department of Planning. We will have additional coverage later on and in the meantime the live video is below.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 7-minute replay is below

Update 2.10pm: Minister Roban said, “Good afternoon, I am excited to announce that the Draft Bermuda Plan 2018 has been published for public consultation and – as of today – will be the operative development plan for the Island.

“The vision for the Draft Bermuda Plan 2018 is to effectively manage Bermuda’s natural and built environment, resources and development and to help build healthy, sustainable communities.

“Neighbourhood improvements resulting from the Bermuda Plan’s ‘Community Strategy’, may include new recreational areas and community facilities for the youth and elderly, sidewalks along routes to schools and grocery stores, and more farmers markets and grocery stores selling healthy food. The Community Strategy will aim to foster healthier, stronger communities.

“The Plan’s ‘Conservation Strategy’, meanwhile, will continue to focus on protecting ecologically sensitive areas and habitats as well as designating new areas for conservation. Preservation of the Island’s unique cultural heritage, including its UNESCO World Heritage Site, historic areas and listed buildings, will continue to be a priority.

“The new Plan will address the issue of climate change and the need to incorporate sustainable design principles into new developments to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, minimize energy consumption and minimize our vulnerability to flood risk and high temperatures.

Draft Bermuda Plan December 2018

“There will be continued emphasis on the need to protect land designated as Agricultural Reserve for agricultural, farming and horticultural uses as well as important amenity areas. Local food production in community gardens, home gardens, school gardens and through alternative means such as hydroponics, vertical farming, aqua farming and aquaponics will also be encouraged and supported.

“The Bermuda Plan 2008 shall cease to have effect, except for those planning applications submitted to the Department of Planning prior to 3 December. All planning applications submitted on or after 3rd December 2018 will be subject to the policies of the Draft Bermuda Plan 2018.

“The Draft Bermuda Plan 2018 comprises a policy document and zoning maps. It sets out the planning policies and land use zonings based on the future needs of the Island and how to best accommodate development in a sustainable and responsible manner over the next 10 to 15 years.

“The Draft Bermuda Plan 2018 is based on three strategies – a development strategy to accommodate new buildings and land uses, a conservation strategy to protect ecologically sensitive areas and habitats and the Island’s unique cultural heritage, and a community strategy to foster healthier, stronger communities.

“The Draft Bermuda Plan 2018 is the product of a significant amount of research and consultation with the public, key stakeholders and technical officers. There is a further opportunity to provide input into the Draft Plan, prior to it becoming final, during the three and a half month public consultation period which starts on 3rd December 2018.

“During this period, there will be exhibition booths at venues in the City of Hamilton, Dockyard and the Town of St. George’s. Technical officers will be available at these exhibition booths as well as at the Department of Planning offices to answer questions about the Draft Bermuda Plan 2018.

“Members of the public are invited to review the Draft Bermuda Plan 2018 and submit objections and representations via the Government website Two computers are also available for public use in the Department of Planning reception.

“The deadline for objections and representations is 15th March 2019.

“Before I finish my remarks, I would like to remind the public of the Government’s commitment in this year’s budget statement to revise height restrictions in the Hamilton Economic Empowerment Zone. This revision will be included in the North East Hamilton plan, which will also be published in the New Year.

“In closing I would like to thank the team at the Department of Planning for their hard work on this project – specifically Acting Director Chris Bulley and Senior Planning Officer Julie Marshall and her team all of whom are here today.”

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  1. aceboy says:

    Plans and visions.

    Plans for plans.

  2. INNA says:

    Cant even read from a prepared paper?! Come on Roban!!!!

  3. eyes wide open says:

    Yawns,fell asleep,did I miss anything?

  4. Mixitup says:

    Please manage what little open space is left. There are new houses popping out out Gardens, vast hillsides “for sale.” Everyone clamoring for that water view (well not everyone). I say in 30 years, the beautiful Bermuda we know will no longer be, all in the name of greed.