OBA Motion In House About Sexist Comments

December 12, 2018

MPs are being called on to back a motion decrying “the posting of inappropriate and/or sexist comments on social media by Members of Parliament”.

Pat Gordon-Pamplin, the Shadow Health Minister, tabled the motion which says: “Be it resolved that this Honourable House decries the posting of inappropriate and/or sexist comments on social media by Members of Parliament and that this House supports the inclusion in the Parliamentary Code of Conduct policies and procedures that will embrace a culture of respect towards women parliamentarians and women in general.”

Screenshot from the Parliamentary Order Paper:

Order-of-Business-Friday-December-7-2018.pdf - Google Chrome 12122018 62929 PM

She added: “What happened in the summer with a Minister, on official Government business representing Bermuda, was appalling and the House should put on record its denunciation of such behaviour.

“It is also important that members of the House agree that in future they will behave in a manner that is respectful towards female Members of Parliament as well as women generally.

“It is simply not acceptable to denigrate women and, in particular, it is unacceptable that those elected to serve this country think it is appropriate to belittle women.”

She added: “In our Reply to the Throne Speech we said, ‘Bermuda is not as advanced as other nations on the issues of women’s rights and equality’. We said we wanted this Government to ‘start the Big Conversation on these issues as a matter of urgency’.

“It is to be hoped that this Government rises to that challenge and leads the way on women’s rights.”

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Comments (18)

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  1. Infidelguy says:

    This should get full non-partisan support in the HoA but nothing would surprise me.

  2. Time Shall Tell says:

    The motion itself is sexist in that it is geared solely to protect just one sex. Why just sexist comments? Why not any inappropriate comments in general against any sex, religion, etc.?

    • Justforlaughs says:

      Oh boy …

      • Real Deal says:

        i am sure you know already that it is because it is the buzz word of this era used create conflict.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Are people making a whole lot of sexist comments towards men?

      Didn’t think so.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Easy there Trigger….need to be careful you don’t go down the “hate speech” conundrum. What constitutes inappropriate? Who gets to decide? I demand the right to mock and treat religion with contempt for example.

  3. Ringmaster says:

    It’s a very sad reflection on the abysmal standards generally. However the House should set the standards. Prior to around 2003, MPs were different. They may not have the same political view but they were able to debate and discuss their differences in an adult fashion. How sad then to look at the present.
    There should be no reason for such a Motion to be brought. Unfortunately there was the era of “unethical but not illegal” and it has gone downhill since.

  4. spider says:

    The motion is sexist

  5. Shut them down says:

    Stupid motion

  6. Real Deal says:

    this is atemp to try and doom Bermuda and create conflict among the populaces there fore making us easy to manipulate. subjective motion. anything can be flipped as sexist comments is you fabricate the right context. that is what this tool is for to demonize people they cant get dirt on normally.

    • Question says:

      Is that a bit like saying that it is racist to use the word “boy”?

      • Real Deal says:

        yeah. it all about context but some times you can agenda can fabricate the need context. this going to do something to Bermuda that we dont want. i can read between the lines we about to made a dangerous divider that will destroy Bermuda fast because we are very small.the people pushing it who what they are doing because the same thing has been done in other places. other piggy back on it because they want to push their agenda at the same time. take a look at the comment posters

        • Question says:

          When we have a government that refuses to treat people equally under the constitution this is what you get. They refuse to follow the rule of law, time and again. Every week they find a new group whose rights they want to restrict.

  7. Charlly X says:

    Well at least the conversation has started ! Let’s see how things pan out …. The trickle down effect from previous years , the new wordings of what’s leeggall ??
    Bermuda is coming of Age !

  8. Avg Bda Male says:

    Curious, where was this Shadow Minister on this same issue when her party was in the hot seat????

    Same can be said about the ruling party.

    Both sides always pushing their own agenda’s and discriminating against the other at the same time. smh

  9. Y-Gurl says:

    Sexual harassment and assaults on women in Bermuda needs to be put to the forefront and tackled like the crime that it is, everywhere in the developed world these men are being held to account, making a complaint and testifying in court is a harrowing experience for a woman ant THANK YOU to the Police and Courts who are finally hearing us

  10. Chris says:

    Great more thought police…..

    Enslaving many since the dark ages ……..

  11. YAWN…yawn…yawn…
    Pamplin. hit the road!!