Official Govt & Legal Notices For Dec 5th 2018

December 5, 2018 | 0 Comments

The official Government and Legal notices for today [Dec 5] includes an Adverse Possession Claim.


Land Title Registry Office

  • Notice Type: Government Notice
  • Notice Sub Type: Appointments
  • Notice ID: GN0107/2018
  • Department: Land Title and Registration
  • Publication date: 05 December 2018

Land Title Registry Office

Adverse Possession Claim

re land to the north of and which abuts ‘Sans Souci’, 4A Wyndham Hill, Hamilton Parish, CR04

Notice For Parties Owning Or Claiming An Interest In The Said Land

Notice, is hereby given to all parties who own or wish to claim an interest in the said land abutting the property known as ‘Sans Souci’, 4A Wyndham Hill, Hamilton Parish, CR04’. The said parcel of land is shown edged and hatched red on the plan attached to this notice.

All parties who consider that they own or wish to claim an interest in the said land are required to contact the undernamed by letter or by email giving full details [including all documentary evidence] of their interest/claim within Thirty [30] days from the date of this notice.

Dated the 27th day of November 2018

TJC Stewart,
Land Title Legal Officer,
Land Title Registry Office,
First floor, Milner Place,
32 Victoria Street,
Hamilton HM 12


The official notices above have been republished from the relevant section on the official Government website.

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