‘Operations May Result In Unpleasant Odors’

December 3, 2018

“The Ministry of Public Works will be conducting its Biannual Septage Disposal Operations soon, and noted that while it ”may result in unpleasant odors being experienced in the residential areas surrounding the Marsh Folly Composting Facility” there are “no environmental risks to area residents.”

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Public Works is advising that during the week of 10 December, 2018, it will conduct its Biannual Septage Disposal Operations.

“These operations may result in unpleasant odors being experienced in the residential areas surrounding the Marsh Folly Composting Facility. Despite the unpleasant odor, the Ministry assures there are no environmental risks to area residents.

“For the public’s reference, the operations process is as follows:

  • The Tynes Bay Septage Receiving Facility collects residential and commercial cesspit waste from around the Island. Every six months, the Tynes Bay Septage Receiving Facility is required to remove these waste solids and transport it to Marsh Folly. The Ministry uses best health and safety and environmental practices while executing these procedures.

“The Ministry would like to thank the public for their patience, cooperation and understanding while these necessary works are conducted.

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  1. Johnny be good says:

    Of couse the smell is an environment hazard…it smells like ship!
    Anyone will tell you bilgwater is not good to breath!
    Ashma sufferers cannot endure it…
    Make sure pressurised oxygen is there
    and on hand dolts…

  2. PANGAEA says:

    Marsh Foley took its name from the failed attempt to fill in the Pembroke Marsh area ,also know as ” City Dump ” This is where unwanted domestic waste was discarded in the past .

    Many countries today no longer use land fill practices as a solution to dump toxic items which remain in the ground for a considerable number of years there by polluting the ground water .

    There is a canal which drains ” Pembroke Marsh” through Mills Creek,into the Great Sound .

    To lessen the impact of land fill , Tynes bay facility was constructed where some refuse not all, is being burnt, we still dump and fill large items in the Castle Harbour as land reclamation, we also export some items to be re cycled.The City of Hamilton pumps waste to sea at Grape bay.