Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For November 2018

December 1, 2018

Bernews posted more than 200 videos across our various social networks during November 2018, and the top ten most viewed videos on YouTube included the fire in Sandys, car overturned after crash, the Remembrance Day Parade, Black Friday sales, Farmer’s Market, same sex marriage appeal, and the Throne Speech.

As far as Facebook videos, the top one for the month was a live video of Christmas Parade in Hamilton with over 13,000 views, the second was a live video of theopening of the NASA Tracking Station on Cooper’s Island with over 10,000 views, and the third was a live video of Black Friday at the Phoenix.

On Instagram, the most viewed video for the month was the line outside the Phoenix at around 4.45am offering Black Friday sales, the second was the fire in Sandys, and the third was the Bernews Morning Newsflash on November 30.

The most watched Twitter video was the line outside Phoenix before they opened at 5am, the second was the Bernews Morning Newsflash on November 15,while the third was the Bernews Morning Newsflash on November 28.

#1 – BFRS Extinguishing Fire in Sandys, November 1

#2 – Bermuda Football Team Named For El Salvador Game, November 14

#3 – Car Overturned After Crash In St. David’s, November 11

#4 – Remembrance Day Parade in Hamilton, November 11

#5 – Police Statement On Man In ‘Unresponsive State’ November 8

#6 – Doors Open At 5am, Black Friday at Phoenix, November 23

#7 – Farmer’s Market at Botanical Gardens, November 17

#8 – Pettingill After Court Dismisses Govt’s SMM Appeal, November 23

#9 – CITV Broadcast Of Throne Speech, November 9

#10 – Standing Ovation For Ottiwell Simmons At Throne Speech, November 9

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