Govt Issue RFI For Supply Of Public Buses

January 28, 2019

The Government has issued a Request for Information “to gauge the interest from vendors and manufacturers to supply clean diesel, diesel-electric hybrid and/or electric buses to Bermuda’s Department of Public Transportation.”

The RFI said, “The DPT is responsible for public bus transportation in Bermuda, which has an area of 22 square miles. The island is serviced with 11 bus routes ranging in distance from 7km to 25km. DPT bus service operates 18 hours per day, 365 days of the year.

Bus Service TC Jan 28 2019

“The current fleet of 98 buses operates out of the maintenance depot located in the central part of the Island and is supported by two additional depots in the east and west ends of the island.

“This bus service provides public transportation for residents, students, and visitors. Approximately 64 of the existing 98 bus fleet, 65%, is over 10 years old and has exceeded its intended service life. Reliability is compromised by the aging fleet and the DPT has embarked on a fleet replacement program to reduce the average age of the fleet and restore reliability.

“The Bus Operator work rosters are currently configured to service a variety of routes in a given day. A bus may be assigned to multiple rosters/operators throughout an 18-hour day. As such, a bus could be required to drive anywhere from 180km to 270km per day.

“The existing fleet of single-deck midi-buses is based on the MAN A66 chassis. There have been a variety of body builders over the years, the most recent being MOBIpeople, Portugal.

“The layout and dimensions for the current 38-seat bus is included in Annex B for reference only. In an effort to improve local air quality, cost and the quality of service DPT seeks to replace its existing buses with more efficient, cleaner running vehicles. To that end, this RFI seeks responses for vehicles powered by low-emissions diesel, diesel-electric hybrid, and battery electric drivetrains.”

The RFI notes “Bermuda has a number of specific vehicle requirements that are the result of its unique infrastructure and climate, which require a narrow chassis, right-hand drive, and high performance air conditioning.”

Respondents are asked to submit their information and signed Respondent Submission Form by Friday, February 15, 2019.

The Request for Information follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Dip Ship says:

    I would like to propose a mono rail east to west service with north / south feeders. Probably cost in billions so lots of room to screw the public and make lots of fortunes for certain people. ELECTRIC BUSES can’t fix what we have now. LPG or LNG powered maybe see them all over Atlanta

  2. question says:

    Why are the buses that were purchased that arrived in Bermuda with great fanfare in January 2018 still not on the road?

  3. somuchless says:

    Now they wanna do this but can’t even get a basic schedule done smh

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    Here is a chance for local dealers to step up. There are plenty of off the shelf Japanese RHD city buses available at a fraction of the price that Government has been paying for custom buses.

    Electric or hybrid diesel electric buses will be hellishly expensive. If nobody at DPT has noticed, Bermuda is BROKE. We have no money for 5 star buses. We need conventional proven technology buses.

  5. trump supporter says:

    Well they needed some excuse to not have the schedule ready.
    Thanks again voters.
    Guys are clueless, if it was about how to take there next trip it would be easy.

    • dip ship says:

      I see trips around the world in this one. How about ! way all the way no return Siberiaphot op and first class naturally

  6. Family Man says:

    How about an RFI for the supply AND OPERATION of the bus service.

  7. Yoo…too…thing is…without air conditioning the buses would run.
    Basically each bus needs a small exterior mounted deisel generator to run autonomously and specifically for the airconditioning.

  8. Coffee says:

    The OBA NEVER invested in the bus service . Don’t know what stable genuis is pushing for electric busses . Very expensive and BELCO will make an absolute fortune on the backs of the poorest amongst us .