OBA: Investigation Findings Should Be Public

February 4, 2019 | 34 Comments

“Although it is understandable that certain aspects” of the investigations into the Department Of Child & Family Services remain confidential, the “findings of both investigations must be made public,” Shadow Minister for Legal Affairs Scott Pearman said.

Mr Pearman said, “Allegations of child abuse and neglect by persons at the Department of Child and Family Services remain a matter of extreme concern for all Bermudians.

“Despite several requests, including my own detailed statement on December 5, 2018, the Attorney General has yet to fully explain to the public what has actually happened.

“The key people who thankfully first alerted Bermuda to these abuse allegations have been pushed aside. Ms. Tiffanne Thomas, the social worker who ‘blew the whistle’ is now in litigation with the Government. Michael Weeks, MP, the Government Minster who properly authorized the first investigation into the abuse allegations, has been removed from his post.

“We have regrettably heard nothing from the Attorney General personally since the suspended Director was returned to the Department. We do not know the outcome of the first investigation Minister Weeks commenced prior to his removal. We are told the second investigation, apparently conducted by an unnamed person at the Department of Internal Audit, will not be made public.

“Although it is understandable that certain aspects of investigations remain confidential, the findings of both investigations must be made public.

“Bermuda needs to be assured that investigations into abuse and neglect of vulnerable Bermudian children are conducted in the most thorough and proper was possible,” Mr Pearman continued.

“These specific allegations of abuse have shone a spotlight on the Department as a whole. This exposure has further revealed the shocking fact that far too many Bermudian children have been sent away to institutions abroad without their voices being heard by the Court.

“The absence of qualified and independent Litigation Guardians is not merely a breach of our Children Act, this means that vulnerable children are not getting the support they so desperately need.

“The Opposition supported the Government’s decision when, in the face of much pressure, the PLP pulled their proposed Bill on Litigation Guardians. That Bill would have watered-down protection for children and reverted to a position the UK wisely abandoned 40 years ago.

“There is a pressing need for qualified and independent Litigation Guardians to be on the job now, safeguarding the interests of vulnerable Bermudian children.

“Systemic problems have been exposed at the Department and they must be addressed. The Attorney General must now explain to Bermuda what has gone wrong. Just as important, she must make clear what steps will be taken by her Government to avoid risks to Bermudian children in the future.”

We asked the Ministry for comment yesterday and will update if able.

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  1. Navin Johnson says:

    The public should be made aware of the stench that permeates DCFS….

  2. So good to hear says:

    Ok sir let’s take politics put of this and really show concern for the children. Legal reasons like any other case similar to this will prevent any info from getting out for the victims safety and privacy. So if you are really concerned about what’s going on, do something about it outside of politics. I’m sick and tired of both parties especially the OBA acting concerned for the kids when they had 4 and a half years to correct those concerns. So please just stop with the nonsense.

    • Double S says:

      PLP has been in power for 16 of the last 20 years, but yet you don’t hold them to account as you do for the Party that was in power for less than 5 years.


      • Avg Bda Male says:

        Your like a child with a ‘what about them’ mentality.

        • Double S says:

          PLP is on power. They are responsible for this matter and yet your crew whines about a Party that has no power.. And yet you accuse others of ‘whataboutismy. Oh the irony. Now why don’t you demand the report be released or does your political allegiance outstrip your concerns forever children? Rhetorical question for the zealots.

      • Scientist says:

        The oba/UBP has been in charge since 1964.

        Stop the lies and changing leaders and names every year. LOLOLOL Did you select the next leader to try and sell a bridge to us. Nick Kemp will be the next after Craig Trump.

        You all is the same party. The only thing that change was the 15% black voters that departed the party. They are true swing voters!! Glad they woke up. resulting in a 25 – 11 victory.

        How’s dat 4 for Black History Month!!!!!!!!!!!

        • 2 Bermudas says:

          After 16 years of Pee El Pee leadership, $2.5bn in debt, people still struggling financially, and education still a failure!! Bermuda for Bermudians!! Hahaha!!

    • DeOnion says:

      Yup the OBA had four and a half years but the PLP has been in power for 16 out of the last 20 years – and there is no way one Government can fix all the ills it inherited in one term.

    • sandgrownan says:

      16 out of 20. 16 years of failure.

      • Avg Bda Male says:

        Your like a child with a ‘what about them’ mentality.

        • Come Correct says:

          Rapidly declining retail sales.
          Business confidence down.
          Continued job losses.
          Potential devaluation of BDA $/increased currency exchange rates.
          Increased taxes.

          Honestly, I could go on but I giggle every single time I see 25-11. It’s funny to me that you’re proud of this.
          Pride is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity.

        • Question says:

          Tell that to the abused kids.

        • sandgrownan says:

          More taxes, less services. Clueless.

    • Avg Bda Male says:

      Your like a child with a ‘what about them’ mentality.

      • Come Correct says:

        You’re like a child. What is that, the fourth time you’ve said the same thing?

      • rumsoak says:

        Step away from the computer son , your momma is calling you for dinner .

    • aceboy says:

      Do you recall the election campaign which stated that the PLP were all about transparency and good governance? Do you think that is what we are getting?

  3. MM says:

    People tell us what they feel to tell us, thus accountability and transparency become a joke. If something is clearly wrong and it is on the high end of wrong doing it becomes more and more of a challenge to address.

  4. Scott Pearman MUST look FIRST at oba and their nonsense for 4 years.
    A Commission of Inquiry was put in place for P.L.P.
    The Pepper Spray issue IS NOT resolved
    An Inquiry is needed for the money from AMERICA CUP. Born Bermudians must not believe all of the political rhetoric put in place by OBA.
    Phony, always waving and smiling at BORN BERMUDIANS….LIES AND DECEPTION!!
    OBA is never to be trusted….wanted Canadians here to replace Bermudians WITH OUR JOBS!!

    • Come Correct says:

      You’re a liar. Proven before.

      Where’s the $800m?

      The pepper spay incident is an ongoing case that will inevitably find the police on the right side of the law. Forget the fact that the rent a crowd put seniors on the front line like a bunch of cowards.

      You’re an idiot because our workforce is rapidly declining meaning we need more bodies here and your beloved, failing (yet again but in record time this go around), plp will be forced to introduce OBA legislation or watch the economy crumble.

      Try some facts for once.

    • sandgrownan says:


      4 years of nonsense? On our way to a balanced budget. Squandered by the PLP. Hotel developments restarted. Event authority infrastructure in place. Squandered by the PLP. Major event and capital projects to kick start the economy. Opportunities squandered by the PLP.

      What do we have now? More taxes and less services. Companies, talent and capital leaving the island. Millions paid to PLP insiders.

      You’re right, the blockading of Parliament should be investigated. Work Permit holding pastors interfering in the political affairs of another country, Union holding the country to ransom. PLP saying whatever to get power.

      25-11. You’re welcome to it.

    • 2 Bermudas says:

      Well call a Commission of Inquiry on Trevor Moniz that they promised but never went through with. Put up or shut up!!! LMAO!!!

    • dmf says:

      Straight forward.. your talking aobut an investigation into America’s Cup, what about an investigation where 1.2 billion went in the period of 14 years… PLP took over from the UBA with no dept but in 14 years put this country in debt… where is the 14 million…

    • Retro says:

      What do Canadians have to do with an investigation into the maltreatment of Bermudian children by Bermudian adults? And why wouldn’t you want the findings of that investigation to be available to the public?

      • Double S says:

        Nothing. Their ingrained hatred of people that don’t look like them or are not Bermudian as well as their devotion to the PLP overrides any love they have for themselves or innocent children. They are simply collateral damage to them.

    • aceboy says:

      Way to continue to protect offenders against child abuse with your idiotic spin. Your handlers will be so proud!

  5. question says:

    Let’s face it. The PLP government is not concerned about child welfare, the same way is it not concerned about human rights. Its priority is to cover things up and make sure certain people are well taken care of.

  6. MM says:

    I certainly commend those who work hard and consistently to protect and guide our children , including our teachers, who are really at the helm virtually every day year after year.

  7. Coffee says:

    Tad Hollis is ‘STILL’ silent . So is Dunkley… But everybody’s all of a sudden transparent. Go to PATI see what you find about this subject .

  8. Concerned Bermudian says:

    OMG people seriously!!??? Who the hell cares PLP OBA UBP XYZ….. are you so damn ignorant that you can not see what is happening right in front if you!!??? Do you NOT give a damn if our children have been mistreated and also possibly had those being advocates for these kids be wrongly affected??? FFSakes wake up!!!!

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