Parliament: Audio & Order Of Business Paper

February 15, 2019

[Updated with audio] After being on break, the House of Assembly is set to resume on Friday [Feb 15] with statements due to be delivered on the December 2nd 2016 Settlement, Financial Assistance Reform, Standards-Based Grading and more.

According to the Order Paper, Ministers will deliver statements on the Using the Bermuda Plan Process to Protect Our Remaining Open Spaces, Financial Assistance Reform Update, Workforce Development Initiatives, Waste Management, Standards-Based Grading and the Ministry of National Security December 2nd 2016 Settlement.

Update: The 2.5 hour audio replay of the morning session, courtesy of the Parliament website: 

The Order of Business follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Paul says:

    Most bermudians do not give a damm what goes on in the house of is only the old folks that might listen in,most so called parliament ministers are so full of you know what …the younger folks do not have time for this crap that is being spewed out every day by we all know who…

  2. That’s wrong says:

    I listen in and I am only 25 years old!

    What is evident to me however is that these politicians are not challenged to perform or they lack the performance criteria that is commensurate with their posts or compensation and therefore they are neither held accountable nor are they energized to solve the wide range of problems we have as a Country.

    We need professionals who have run their own businesses, taught our children, devoted time to help Seniors and are qualified to man these posts!

  3. 18 Year Old says:

    If they would video tape it live it would be better

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    Hate to think but you are most probably correct. Listening to the HOA is depressing. Nothing but a bunch of windbags with nothing to say but Mr Speaker, Mr Speaker, Mr Speaker.

    25/11. This is what you voted for.

    Hilarious! They want to talk about saving open spaces do they? Take a look at some our politicians homes. The lots are covered & smothered with concrete. Nothing more than a toenail clipper is needed to do the grass. It is shameful the number of easements that have been granted by Planning in the past 20 years for construction on arable land & setbacks.

    Rumour has it that this Government wants to tax undeveloped land. Now stupid is THAT? Tax something that is not earning any money & you say you want to preserve. Daft!

  5. Kalz says:

    I listen and I’m only 33

  6. Joe Bloggs says:

    Once again the PLP strategists outmanoeuvre the opposition.

    Have the Minister say he is going to explain why the government is paying “compensation” to alleged criminals and then have the PLP Umpire (Speaker of the House) tell the Minister he is not allowed to do so.

    This is politics like I cannot remember in Bermuda before!