‘Will Defend Confidentiality Of Medical Records’

February 25, 2019

“I would like the public, especially the patients whose charts were, as we argue, unlawfully removed from BHCS and Brown-Darrell” to know that “we have not abandoned the fight on their behalf,” Dr Ewart Brown said.

Dr Brown, a former Premier who is the Executive Chair of Bermuda HealthCare Services [BHCS] and Brown-Darrell Clinic, said, “Lawyers acting for a large group of the affected patients, with the full support of the legal team acting for the clinics and Dr. Mahesh Reddy, have lodged an appeal against the ruling permitting the police to provide patient files to overseas experts without their consent. The courts will now decide whether the patient files should remain under seal pending the outcome of this appeal.

“We will continue vociferously to defend the confidentiality of your medical records by all procedural means at our disposal. We must now all trust that the Bermudian judiciary will ultimately rule in your favour.”

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