Star Awards For Pastor Bean & Darren Woods

March 6, 2019 | 12 Comments

Pastor Leroy Bean and Darren Woods received CedarBridge Academy STAR Awards at an awards ceremony held at recently CedarBridge Academy, with the awards presented to “persons who are shining stars for young people.”

Deputy Principal Christopher B. Swan, Deputy Principal Timothy Sousa, Principal Kenneth Caesar, Outreach and Prevention Manager Darren Woods, Gang Violence Reduction Coordinator Pastor Leroy Bean, S3 Year Head Denise Weekes-Burke

CBA Star Awards Bermuda March 5 2019 (1)

A spokesperson said, “Recently, Pastor Leroy Bean and Darren Woods were presented with CedarBridge Academy STAR Awards at an awards ceremony held at CedarBridge Academy.

“The CedarBridge Academy STAR Award is presented to persons who are shining stars for young people. These are persons who love young people, work unwaveringly to support young people and go out of their away to do things to help young people to succeed.

CBA Star Awards Bermuda March 5 2019 (2)

At the event, held on February 21, Deputy Principal Timothy Sousa said, “Both Pastor Bean and Mr. Woods have been working with the newly established CedarBridge Academy Excellence Program since the beginning of the school year. The program was borne out of a need to support a group of male students through a restorative, rather than punitive approach.”

“The involvement of these two community partners who answered our call to support students, is crucial to the program’s success. The commitment of Pastor Bean and Mr. Woods in empowering the young men they support, is evidence that they are more than partners, they’re truly family “

CBA Star Awards Bermuda March 5 2019 (3)

In closing Mr. Sousa said, “Pastor Bean and Mr. Woods, we want you to know that your outstanding commitment to our young people is sincerely appreciated. We, particularly the students at CedarBridge Academy, value your commitment and service to our school and community. You both are Stars!”

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  1. St.George's Passport and Immigration Control says:

    and still the drugs and gangs run wild in Bermuda.

    • Name one place in de world were it aint.
      TOC TOC

      • Mark says:

        OJ – $125K would get you a serious supply of Pedigree.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Greenland , Finland , Japan , Denmark , Sweden , Switzerland , Germany , and maybe your favorite , New Zealand ? I don’t know , what do you say ? tic toc

  2. Good job, Pastor Bean!!
    You and your group are doing MUCH MUCH more than O.B.A. ever did. Thank you abundantly for being a catalyst in aiding in stomping the drug epidemic out.
    Continue on. Also happy that you are earning a paycheck for your work!!

  3. Daron says:

    Excellent work all concerned. Maybe the haters can come up with effective solutions, if not silence their stupidity with success one student at a time!

  4. DARON LOWE says:

    Success one student at a time. Bless up guys!

  5. Loanne says:

    Pastor Bean receives an award for work he’s paid $125,000+ per year to do…….

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