Video: Police On Attempted Robbery In Warwick

March 13, 2019

Police responded to an attempted robbery this afternoon [March 13] at Bo’s Lawn and Gardening on Middle Road in Warwick, with the police confirming that the business owner “wrestled the man to the ground” before the suspect eventually escaped.

A police spokesperson said, “At approximately 2.00pm today, police responded to a report of an attempted robbery at Bo’s Lawn and Gardening, Middle Road, Warwick.”

“The suspect did not display a weapon nor obtain any items. He was challenged by the 33-year-old male owner and a struggle ensued on premises; the suspect broke free and subsequently ran off.

“He was seen running south towards Spring Hill area via the steps next to Lindo’s.”

“He is described a a black male, 5’10″, slim build, wearing all black.

“Anyone who may have any information about this incident is asked to contact CID on 295-0011.”

Bermuda police car March 13 2019 (2)

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  1. Toodle-oo says:

    Yet another attempt on a small mom and pop (or in this case, pop and son) business.
    As someone intensely aware of security/safety at small businesses I’ve long been worried about something like this happening at Bo’s .
    Fortunately it sounds like Chris is OK and the thief got his come uppance.
    (And yes, I do believe that there’s security cameras there as well )

  2. puzzled says:

    Spring forward.

  3. sage says:

    Good job by the owner.

  4. Fooled me twice says:

    Looks like th pastor’s work is working.

    • Question says:

      Yep. That ‘holistic approach’ seems to be working out great, Like Ewart’s ‘Alternatives To Incarceration’ policy.

    • Reality Cheque says:

      Oh, you mean he painted over more graffiti somewhere? Where was it?

  5. JohnBoy says:

    He should have knocked some sense into him with a weedwacker!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good job by the owner standing up to this idiot. Go out and get a job and bust your backside like the rest of us. Society doesn’t owe you anything.

  7. Stevie says:

    Well done Chris.

  8. bob says:

    nuff respect to Bo’s

  9. mumbojumbo says:

    That reminds me…I need a powerwasher…

  10. mumbojumbo says:

    He deserves the business…stand your ground….good work mate.

  11. Pitbull says:

    Well Done owner!!!

  12. Timbuc says:

    @Fool me twice… we know we know!!! it’s getting lame now. Move along now you hear

    • lav says:

      @timbuc,lame is right…time for a new, competent, government…one that isn’t racist, homophobic or xenophobic, like the current one.

    • trump supporter says:

      he hit a nerve did he??

  13. Hair says:

    Great job Chris the next one needs de chain saw and carried away in de wheel-barrow….

  14. Warwick West says:

    Pasted Bean – remind me again of your salary?

  15. MM says:

    We are all at risk , not just small stores and restaurants, If you see something say something. Lawmakers need to ban full faced dark tinted visor hell meets this will make it more difficult for lawbreakers to commit crime.

    • Awww says:

      Really? Like the criminals will obey the law? Dumb! Need to allow shop owners and vigilantes to beat the crap out of robbers and not defend these scumbags!

      • Real Deal says:

        because everyone will have an alert that they can use prepare them self just like this guy did.

        the alert this show own had was dressed in all black and closes door behind him.

        if he did not ready that he would not have acted on instinct so quickly to where he got the advantage he got. when they wear the baned visors we will be able to see the(their) intent

  16. Real Deal says:

    Sounds like the same guy that rob female in the other robbery. This is why men are needed. Good Job Shop owner. said this is many of the people working in these shops are females and old people perfect targets.
    robber did not do their homework to bad the shop own did not many him pay for the slip up now the robber this out there.

  17. Mary Ann says:

    Well done Chris so glad your alright. The perpetrator must be desperate as It was Wednesday and Lindo parking lot is always full. I hope and pray they are captured very soon.

  18. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    HOPE & PRAY the owner is not hurt and reaches out to those who can help if his mind is troubled from the happening. If so that is not weakness, Mr. Owner.
    Also I realize Bo’s is an opened entrance business thus room for other types of security can happen. The RATS are coming out by day even more these days, thus the smaller businesses have to be more alert.
    The 3 neighbouring businesses need to be more alert too.

  19. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    HOPE & PRAY the owner wasn’t hurt and if his mind is troubled by the happening he reaches out to those who maybe able to help. That is not a sign of weakness.
    Bo’s is an open entrance business. This may have the owners look at other forms of security.
    The other 3 small businesses next door also need to be more alert. I’d say network between each other to include Lindo’s, the Pizza place & neighbouring homes. The RATS are more Nervy & out by day.