Book Signing With Audrey McLean On April 13

April 2, 2019

Author Audrey McLean will host a book signing on Saturday, April 13 from 12.00pm to 3.00pm at the Bookmart, Brown & Co. The author recently wrote and published three new books including “Dog With A Phone”, “Miss Underwood Book 2”, and “Half-Sighted”.

The Dog With A Phone book is described as “a children’s book on identity, where this dog identifies more with humans than with other dogs. She is discouraged from this choice by a passing angry stray dog. It’s funny and makes children think. It’s appropriate for the ages six to eleven.”

Dog With A Phone Bermuda April 2019

The Miss Underwood Book 2 book is described as “a sequel of Miss Underwood which entails more misunderstandings, but now they are in the Isle of Gold and the misunderstandings are more than words, as opposed to the first book which was about misunderstandings of English words. This book is also quite humorous and is appropriate for seven to twelve year olds.”

Miss Underwood 2 Bermuda April 2019

The Half-Sighted book is the author’s first fiction novel and described as “a nail-biting, suspense novel of a husband who burnt a part of his wife’s face and upper body. The story is deeper than it appears to be and is quite engaging and hard to predict of how it’s going to turn or end.”

Half-sighted Bermuda April 2019

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