City Urges Parade Spectators To Be Responsible

May 20, 2019 | 2 Comments

The City of Hamilton is reminding parade spectators that hot coals or any type of barbecues are not permitted on City sidewalks and they encourage the public to take all of their belongings and trash away with them after the event on Friday [May 24].

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Day Weekend is upon us and the City of Hamilton reminds parade spectators to ensure that after the event on Friday, they take all of their belongings and their trash away with them.

“The annual tradition of marking out family plots on the City sidewalks, whilst not endorsed by the City, is well underway and any string or apparatus that has been used, that might impede pedestrian traffic, will be removed.

“The City asks those members of the public who have used tape to mark spots, to please remove it after the parade. Any spray paint that is used will be removed prior to the parade and, if possible, persons responsible will be prosecuted for vandalism.

“The City of Hamilton also reminds the public that hot coals or any type of barbeque or similar implement for cooking food are not permitted on City sidewalks.”

Chief Operating Officer for the City, Dwayne Caines stated, “With the congestion expected on the sidewalks along the parade route, one must realize that the cooking of food, especially with an open flame, is a hazard. At the end of the event, those coals are still hot and if not disposed of correctly, can have serious consequences.

“We’re simply but firmly insisting that people leave the barbeques at home. We have had discussions with the Bermuda Fire Service and any barbeques or open flames on City sidewalks or in City streets will be ordered to be extinguished and removed.”

Mr. Caines added, “A clean City is a safe City. We’re delighted to welcome people to Hamilton to enjoy the parade as they have done year after year but we also want to make sure they exercise caution and act responsibly for the benefit of everyone.”

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  1. Yeah right!! says:

    We have plenty of room now on every stupid wide sidewalks on every street corner in Hamilton to leave our broken chairs, pop up tents and lots and lots of trash for you at COH to clean up. Remember you all at COH created this.

  2. gustav says:

    The City asks those members of the public who have used tape to mark spots, to please remove it after the parade

    they never did it and will never do it .

    that’s part of the Bermudian culture

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