Altercation Near Entrance To Horseshoe Bay

May 1, 2019

Police officers responded to a reported disturbance near the entrance to Horseshoe Bay beach in Southampton yesterday afternoon [April 30].

A police spokesperson said, “Around 4pm Tuesday, April 30th, police officers responded to a reported disturbance near the entrance to Horseshoe Bay beach in Southampton.

“The participants in the altercation had left prior to police arrival, but it appears that several individuals were involved.

“Inquiries are underway and any witnesses or members of the public with relevant information are asked to call the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

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  1. JohnBoy says:

    Again; this is why we can’t have nice things!

  2. CHRIS says:

    Great. Again at this spot. I hope no tourists were around to see the riff raff.

  3. locals or vistors or says:

    local and visitors fighting one another

    Anyway–not great for our visitors to see violence.


  4. Jane says:

    That club again… Let’s kill tourism altogether.

    • BringitBr says:

      Its the same area but didnt happen at rangers this time. Read the article it clearly says entrance of horseshoe bay

  5. Mark says:

    Such a classy neighbourhood.

  6. Rocky5 says:

    Fed up waiting for a bus..

  7. MM says:

    We need more officers at known hot spots around the Island, not sitting at Barnes Corner and Front Street watching watching watching. , get out and walk around. I hope CCTV is in use on either side of the entrance of Horseshoe Bay. These incident s hardly last two minutes. Maybe a police tax can be introduced so that more office to are on the street.

  8. MM says:

    It is a sad, sad day in Bermuda, when such behaviour is slowly becoming a reg ular thing on our streets. I hope the off enders are brought to justice.

  9. MM says:

    It’s a popular area , well travelled, hopefully cameras will help in identifying those responsible.

  10. Bullwinkle T. Mooseknuckle says:


  11. Real Deal says:

    that end of the island again

  12. Dread says:

    Get him! Get him! Get him!!

  13. Circus Maximus says:

    Oh stop crying, all of you! Always with the complaints and brow beating! Go get in yah bayaeds! LOL!