Results: Schroders Spring Long Course Day #4

May 6, 2019

The Schroders Spring Long Course Championships 2019 came to an end at the National Sports Center.

During the competition, a total of seven swimmers met the standard for CCCAN, with swimmers needing 2 AAA times to meet the standard.

Giulio Ligori qualified for 5 events, Harlan Watson Brown qualified for 3 events, Jaedyn Judd, Lindsay Scherer, Alyson Scherer, Myeisha Sharrieff and Flynn Watson Brown all met the standard in 2 events, while Caitlyn Coleman qualified in 1 event which means she needs one more time to qualify for the Championship with the deadline being May 10th.

The Schroders Spring Long Course Championships Day 4 results follow below [PDF here]:

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