Cole Simons: ‘State Of Uncertainty In Education’

June 4, 2019 | 11 Comments

“This state of uncertainty in education has come to head once again, and is now on the cusp of undermining Bermuda’s education system,” Shadow Education Minister Cole Simons said.

Mr. Simons said, “As was said by the leadership of the BUT, there is a lot of talk and no action. Enough is enough. As this nears a national crisis, the Premier must roll up his sleeve and work with the Minister of Education to ensure that the objectives of Plan 2022 are delivered and that our teachers get the support and resources prescribed in the plan, and that they deliver the best outcomes for our students.

“We all, as stakeholders, should remember why we are involved in the delivery of educational services to our young people. We all made a commitment to help and support our students, so that they can reach their potential, be good citizens and are positioned to succeed professionally.

“The tension we see truly demonstrates how the Minister of Education and the Ministry are disconnected from the needs of our teacher.

“It is time for more action and less talk and people should note that most of the issues raised on Friday are not new issues – some were the same issues raised by the teachers at West Pembroke School back in November last year.

“These issues include teaching appraisals, job descriptions, para-professional issues administrative, professional development and support perspective and, more importantly, parental perspective.

“The other crucial issue which the people of Bermuda must pay careful attention to is the future of T.N. Tatem Middle School.

“The Minister confirmed the school will not be reopened for the 2019/20 school year. He also confirmed that $3m will be invested to refurbish in the school.

“What is the Government’s plan for the school and how does this fit into the bigger scheme of the reorganization of Bermuda’s schools with the elimination of Middle Schools and introduction of signature schools?

“How will the restructure impact the intake of students at other schools in 2019/20? What will happen to the current teachers and staff members in the school? They must be involved in this process.

“As I indicated once before, there needs to be more synergy and better communications with all stakeholders so that there is a higher level of trust.

“All parents, teachers, para-professionals, principals, educational officers the Bermuda Union of Teachers, the Ministry and the Minister should all be on the same page in regards to ensuring that a vision for Bermuda’s education and our young people is achieved.

“Is it time to consider, as others have suggested, an Education Authority to take the politics out of education? We said in our Reply to the Throne Speech in relation to the success of the Bermuda Tourism Authority that ‘We believe that an Independent Education Authority would do similar great things for our children’.”

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Comments (11)

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  1. HELLO says:

    Of all persons who know that they are not new issues is you COle, as you failed to do anything while you were Minister of Education. NOW, you sit back looking as if you did, instead of working with the current Minister to bring about resolutions.

    COle stop the Nonsense now!

  2. Say What says:

    How is this guy even saying anything? You had the EXACT same issues and took no action neither did your other 2 former MPs who were Education Ministers. How does everyone have the answer when they are not Minister but when they become Minister the crickets are loud as can be?

    • Question says:

      25-11 for two solid years. No pointing fingers at others. You own it.

    • toadinthehole says:

      The PLP has now been in power for 17 of the last 21 years, it has been in power for the last two years – these are all problems the PLP owns.

      • Lol says:

        And the UBPOBA is responsible for the monstrosity school systems called mega schools. So yes practice what you preach and own it.

  3. hmm says:

    He’s has to say something as the opposition but dam bro Cole don’t make yourself look like a capital *$$. Just for the sake of saying something.

  4. 2 Bermudas says:

    As long as the Union and Pee El Pee are one the same things will never change. You’re wasting your time, Cole!

    • True says:

      As long as the oba is the UBPeeee they will never find more surrogates. Wasting your blogs mate.

  5. aceboy says:


    Woop woop!

  6. Mr. Cole Simons has contributed NOTHING to the important cause of education. His laziness does not go unnoticed.
    During his rather brief tenure as Minister of Education, just before oba LOST all control(heheehee), he, Dunkley and others attended a graduation at Berkeley Institute.Dr. Curtis-Tweed DID speak to the NOTHINGNESS which oba gombeys contributed to Berkeley Institute. Oba could have cared less about the monies which Berkeley Institute desperately needed from THAT government to improve students’ education.
    Sooooo, Mr. Cole Simons needs to take a quick seat and become a more honest politician.
    Hey!! Grant Gibbons dashed from being Minister for Education(oba) and went to America Cup. RUBBISH AND was recognized by a queen. Nonsense!!!!

    • Ringmaster says:

      Within the next 5 years, the job market will shift to such a degree that todays public school children will not be prepared. Worse is that at least half of Government employees will realize there is no money to pay them, and they have no skills in the workplace. Admin jobs, which is what most of Government, went out in the private sector years ago, replaced by computers and labor in the Far East. Yet the PLP will not admit this and will blame the global recession of 2008, the OBA and anything else except themselves. Vision 2020 or 2022 is way out of date. The PLP campaigned in 1998 to sort out Education. 21 years later nothing has changed.

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