Police Car & Taxi Collision in St. George’s

June 21, 2019

Yet another collision involving a police vehicle has occurred, with a crash involving an unmarked police car and a taxi taking place on Kindley Field Road last night.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 10pm Thursday, June 20th a collision occurred on Kindley Field Road in St. George’s involving an unmarked police car and a taxi.

“It appears that the unmarked police car was being driven west along Kindley Field Road and the taxi was being driven in the opposite direction when the collision occurred at Stone Crusher Corner.

“The police officer, taxi driver and taxi passenger [local resident] involved were not hurt. However, both vehicles were damaged.

“The scene was processed and the two vehicles impounded, pending further enquiries.

“Any witnesses are encouraged to contact Sergeant Glynn Kellman on 717-2204 or via his e-mail gkellman@bps.bm.”

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  1. Shakinmyhead says:

    While i appreciate the BPS there are some officers that abuse their position. I was travelling along Kindley Field stretch back on April. I was driving just over the speed limit (which we all do) which a police vehicle behind me. He overtook me with a significant amount of speed and continued that speed the rest of the way heading towards the South Side Police department. I thought he may have received an emergency call (no lights flashing or sirens) only to pass the police station to see him parking the car and proceed to walk inside the department. HMMMM

  2. Bdabye says:

    Shakinmyhead I had the same thing happen to me. Two police bikes I never heard or saw, came screaming past me on Kindley field road so fast they shook my car. Drive by police station in St Davids and there they are standing next to bikes have a good old laugh.

  3. Bob & Margaret says:

    If accidents involving police vehicles continue at this frequency at what point will they run out??? I appreciate they spend more time on the road than most other vehicles, but dang they seem to have some real bad luck!

  4. Kodak moment says:

    Speed cameras on Kindley Field Road would nail EVERONE speeding!

  5. Davie Kerr says:

    Everyone’s very quick to condemn the Police when they’re seen to be doing something wrong: I just wish they were as quick to praise the Police when they’re seen to be doing something right!
    As to this particular incident, I think we should wait until we KNOW the circumstances before passing judgement.

    • Question says:

      They seem to have pretty bad accidents about twice a week. What’s going on?

  6. MM says:

    I would like to read reports of uniform police officers on foot patrol in our various communities , this will have those engaging in crime thinking twice and secondly give a sense of peace to those at home alone.

  7. Charlly X says:

    Police persons are human too ! So breaking the law is not unusual.

  8. Trump supporter says:

    Two of the worst drivers on the road anyway..