Police Appeal For Information: Yuval Abraham

July 3, 2019

Police have appealed for information on the whereabouts of Yuval Joshua Abraham — who is alleged to have defrauded Hiscox of approximately $1.8 million — saying that Mr. Abraham “left Bermuda before an arrest could be made.”

Acting Detective Superintendent Nicholas Pedro [Crime Division] said, “Following a complaint from Hiscox Group of Companies, officers of the Bermuda Police Service launched an investigation into Mr. Abraham, the former Chief Financial Officer.

“The allegation was that Mr. Abraham abused his position in order to defraud the company of approximately $1.8 million. Mr. Abraham left Bermuda before an arrest could be made.

Photo provided by the Bermuda police:

Yuval Joshua Abraham Bermuda July 2019 TWFB

“The following criminal charges have been approved:

  • Eight counts of Obtaining a Money Transfer by Deception, contrary to Section 346[1] of the Criminal Code;
  • Nine counts of False Accounting, contrary to Section 351[1][b] of the Criminal Code;
  • One count of Attempting to Obtain a Money Transfer by Deception, contrary to Section 32 as read with Section 346[1] of the Criminal Code; and
  • One count of Money Laundering, contrary to Section 43[1][e] of the Proceeds of Crime Act 1997.

“Information has been laid before the Court and an arrest warrant was issued for Mr. Abraham.

“Enquiries indicate Mr. Abraham absconded from Bermuda and his current whereabouts are not known. It is believed that he has links with the UK, South Africa, Poland and Israel.

“Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Mr. Abraham should contact Detective Constable Jeff Blair or Special Constable Andrew Bartlett at the Bermuda Police Service Specialist Investigations Department [Financial Crime] on [441] 295-0011.”

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  1. Spender says:

    Surely raises questions on Hiscox internal controls? CEO etc asleep at the wheel?

  2. LoquatLiving says:

    He’s likely in Cuba or Panama and funds lost in crypto by now..

  3. Pixie says:

    Internal audit??

  4. London says:

    Bet I couldn’t get trough the airport if I was on police bail for a little bit of ganja!

    • Come Correct says:

      Police bail? Well technically you haven’t been convicted of a crime at this point but when you are sentenced for your 0.3 grams you can be damn sure the US doesn’t want our trashy wacky tabacky entering their borders.

      Once sentenced however you’ll be on the terror watch list because the second coming of Christ will happen before some trash weed enters the U S of God damn A.

      • sage says:

        Funny how convicted drunk drivers are welcomed into the US with open arms, also the stop list prevents you from boarding a US bound aircraft for 99 years but, strangely enough, those on the terror watch list are allowed to board US bound planes, and are not even properly searched. Remember the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber?

  5. Alafiyah says:

    Why do you mention Cuba or Panama? Why not USA, UK, Europe

  6. Alafiyah says:

    When is BDA busineses going to learn their lesson? I’ve read so many times of theft in the millions from ‘guest workers’ who are criminals. It’s got to be the lackadaisical way Management handles their business. His boss should be fired! Secondly, there are plenty of Bermudians who would love to find work, that won’t flee the island in the dead of night. This not only happens to businesses, but landlords as well.

  7. Yup…the foreigner gets off with financial disasters.
    The black Bermudian is incarcerated.
    What prevented the Bermuda Police Force from enforcing protocol, long ago???
    Didn’t the Bermuda Police force know of this man’s alleged behaviours???
    Sounds unacceptable!!

    • Come Correct says:

      You slid straight out of the uterus onto your head, didn’t you?

    • Come Correct says:

      FYI the Bermuda Police Force hasn’t existed since before I was born. It is the Bermuda Police SERVICE.

      Someone get this guy 2 dunce caps. One for being an idiot and the second in case he loses it.

  8. All foreigners who are in BERMUDA or attempting to gain status, should be monitored too. Not just the men on Court Street or the men on Friswell’s Hill. All human beings are capable of doing wrong. Race is no exception.Nor is being a foreigner to this small country an exception!!

  9. Clem says:

    This sounds like a movie. I dare say he is smart enough to settle in a place where there is no extradition treaty. I hear Northern Cyprus is rather nice.

  10. Ladybug says:

    There is only 3 ways to get out from BDA through CBP (to the USA) or Bermuda Customs (to UK or Canada). All countries should be helping to find this guy. And an alert at least should be in the system to stop him and talk to him. Is there miss communication between BPS and CBP or Bermuda Immigration? Once they are under investigation they can put an alert in case they try to travel! And do not let him travel until investigation is done, no need for warrant. Is a foreign in the country, obviously he will try to fly out!! Dahhhh!!! Some one is acting slow on those cases 2 individuals in a week, that made big fraud. We need to communicate fast and better!

    • berlinda says:

      Dear Ladybug, one day you might be able to fly out of Bermuda to another country. Pay attention, and you may notice that you don’t pass through Bermuda customs on your way OUT of the country.

    • Gotcha says:

      Ever heard of a boat? Get real! Many ways off this rock!

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Many ways ?
        1) Airplane
        2) Swim
        3) Boat

        If it was #1 someone at the airport (customs/airlines) failed big time
        #2 Hardly likely
        #3 .. Who is going to take some suspicious person who looks reasonably affluent begging to get on board their nice yacht especially if they’re offering to pay abnormal sums of money for a ride ‘anywhere , just get me outta here’ ?

        There’s your ‘many ways’ unless someone has a teleportation pad that we don’t know about yet.