Food Box Bermuda Releases July Menu

July 7, 2019

Food Box Bermuda has released the July menus, featuring five different box options, ranging from $50 to $285.

The deadline for orders is Monday, July 15th at 7:30pm, with the distribution date set for Monday, July 29 between 6.00pm – 7.30pm.

One option is “Fruit & Veg Box” for $50.00 which includes 14oz TJ Farms Select Mixed Vegetables, 14oz TJ Farms Select Cut Green Beans, 32oz Broccoli Florets, 32oz Chopped Spinach, 16oz TJ Stir Fry Blend, 3 [10oz] Chiquita Ripe Plantains,10oz Mango Chunks, 10oz Whole Strawberries, 12oz Pineapple Chunks, and 12oz Sliced Peaches.

Another option is the “Assorted Meat Box” for $130.00 which includes 4 pieces Top Sirloin Steak, 3lbs Red Castle Beef Hamburgers, 2lbs Turkey Burgers, 1 pack [3lbs] Chicken Franks, 5lbs Great White Salmon, 5lbs Chicken Tenders, and 2lbs Jade Lion Large Uncooked Shrimp.

The full July menu follows below [PDF here]:

Food Box Bermuda July 2019 menu


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  1. PANGAEA says:


    What is the matter with you are you too scared to comment.

    Are you one of those who do not close your doors in the middle of a hurricane.

    Are you made of confetti ?

    Did we build a house of straw ?

    There are two way to improve the economy one is social the other political.