Ministry Selling Wheeled Bins To The Public

August 23, 2019 | 19 Comments

The Ministry of Public Works has started a “pilot programme involving the sale of household waste and recycling wheeled bins to the public.”

A Government spokesperson said, “The wheeled plastic garbage bins with lids have a capacity of 360 litres [95 gallons] and are $125.00 each. The wheeled plastic recycling bins with lids have a capacity of 140 litres [37 gallons] and are available at a price of $40.00 each.

Recycling Wheeled Bins Bermuda Aug 2019

“The Ministry notes that quantities for purchase are limited to two per household for each bin.

“The large wheeled plastic garbage bins can store up to five tall kitchen garbage bags and are compatible with the lifting mechanisms on the new garbage trucks making the dumping of garbage more efficient and safer. The blue recycling bins also make collection convenient and easy.

“The bins can be purchased from the Ministry of Public Works’ Head Office, 3rd floor Governement Post Office, Church Street, Hamilton.

“Bins will be collected from the Waste Education and Enforcement Office at the Tynes Bay Incinerator.

“For more information call 278-0563 or 501-3108 for collection arrangements.”

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Comments (19)

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  1. Barbara White says:

    Can you please give the measurements of the green garbage bins. Thanks.

  2. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    Any other country they provide these Wheelie Bins FREE!
    this is just another way of getting money from the public.

  3. Onion Peels says:

    This is why government should NEVER be in private business.

    So lets see, um gotta take my payment to 3rd floor post office bldg. And that’s cash or they charge me more to use my credit card. I then get a piece of paper that I take to some office down at Tyne’s Bay to pick up my bin. Then um gotta strap my bin to the back of my bike to get ‘er home.

    All this to “making the dumping of garbage more efficient and safer” for you bies. How about making it more efficient for ME; you know the customer.

  4. Cow Polly says:

    Well it’s a start. At least they’ve made an effort however is this pricing at cost?

  5. me says:

    nice idea but don’t have the means to pick them up

  6. Not a bad price given the costs of a much smaller version at the leading hardware store in Bda if everyone buys Into this we should start to see a significant drop in the rat and chicken problem the thing also is that one has to make sure the bins are not over filled causing the top to be erected as this would still present a wonderful feast for the rats
    Thanks Bda government


  8. Andrew says:

    I sure hope my neighbors purchase a few. Tired of trash bags and shopping bags thrown on the side of the road in no container.

  9. Steve says:

    The government should now take the next step and make it compulsory for households to purchase and use such bins as is done in other countries and forbid the leaving of plastic trash bags on the wayside.

  10. Triangle Drifter says:

    Great program! Everyone should have the same bin compatible with the trash trucks. If this was mandatory trash trucks could operate with crews of 2 instead of 3 saving taxpayers loads of money in labour savings.

    The only question is, why are these bins so expensive? 95gal wheeled Rubbermaid bins are available on Amazon for $65. Can’t believe that they are costing Government anywhere near $125.

  11. Stinky D says:

    So now Governmnt is in competition with private companies for the sale of trash cabs????

  12. Barson says:

    These are free in UK (which is where we are getting them from).

    Why are we paying to make the Govt refuse collection easier?

    More PLP tax, this is getting intolerable.

    Also collecting them from Church St…are you serious?

  13. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Bins are provided for free in most countries.

  14. trump supporter says:

    Wonder if the new trash trucks they just purchased are equipped to lift these and dump them. ODDS are

  15. puzzled says:

    This should be fun to watch as they attempt to lift and re-seat these bins on curves and inclines.
    Next they will be charging rental space on public space.

  16. Fisherman says:

    Gut mine off emo sometime ago n cheap too

  17. ella says:

    will this be a mandatory thing? $125 is a lot of money when a person is on a fixed income. my worry is the theives on this island! they will be stealing no matter the size!!!

  18. Dready says:

    Govt in business against private enterprise.
    Find out who is supplying them to govt. Maybe a friends and family member making a huge profit!

  19. Hmm says:

    So we are getting taxed all the way to a third job and still the taxes being snatched from us can’t cover trash cans… You can keep ya can!

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