Police Community Outreach Clinics Today

August 29, 2019 | 0 Comments

The police will be holding Community Outreach Initiatives at the Chatterbox Café in Hamilton and at Cousins Variety in St. George’s today [Aug 29].

Chatterbox Café in the City of Hamilton

Sergeant Stephen Gunn of the Community Action Team [which includes Parish Constables] will be starting a new community outreach initiative at the Chatterbox Café, #7 Reid Street, Washington Mall, City of Hamilton on Thursday 29th August from 8:30am until 10am.

Sergeant Gunn explained: “The purpose of this is to introduce myself to the community, and to give residents and visitors to the City of Hamilton the opportunity to share concerns or ideas.

“I will also be able to provide residents with a single point of contact for their respective parishes and Schools Resource Officers. I am a huge fan of meeting people and invite members of the public to stop by for a chat.”

Cousins Variety in St. George’s 

A police spokesperson said, “Community Officer Constable Adrian Haynes will be holding a community clinic Thursday 29th August from 4pm until 7pm at Cousins Variety in St George’s.

“Area residents as well as other members of the public are encouraged to attend to discuss any concerns they may have regarding their neighbourhoods and to receive general crime prevention advice.”

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