Civil Aviation Director General Wins CEO Award

September 20, 2019

Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority [BCAA] Director General Thomas Dunstan has won Business Worldwide Magazine’s CEO Award.

A spokesperson said, “The Director General of the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority [BCAA] won global recognition in the 2019 Business Worldwide CEO Awards. Thomas Dunstan has been crowned Aviation Industry Executive of The Year [Global] for his outstanding leadership through times of change.

“Business Worldwide CEO Awards identify and honour the most respective C-level executives around the world, from a variety of sectors. Unlike many other business awards, the aim of this awards program is to highlight the individuals at their helm; giving them the recognition they deserve and inspiring others to achieve similar successes.

“The global civil aviation industry has been subject to significant changes over recent years, with a shift from state-ownership to privatisation. It’s a move that hasn’t been welcomed by everyone, but Thomas Dunstan and his team have approached the switch with enthusiasm and creativity.

“As a semi-autonomous administration, BCAA has executed the perfect balance between state control and private sector innovation. Combining the stability of state government with the entrepreneurial ideas of the private sector has enabled the already successful company to become even more business and customer focused.

“Thomas Dunstan is a seasoned expert in aviation. He discovered his passion for aircraft and flying at a young age, going on to study and complete a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management and Flight Operations. During this time, he attained his FAA and Canadian Commercial Pilot Licenses with multi-engine instrument and instructor ratings.

“Having spent 10 years at Bermuda International Airport, his leadership skills, knowledge and commitment to safety led him to become Manager of Air Operations at the airport before joining the then Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation, which later became the BCAA.

“In the first six months of the organisational change, Dunstan created a new business plan, focusing on staff hiring and processes, building brand awareness and planning for market growth. In 2018, BCAA launched a marketing campaign to highlight their personal approach and customer-centric business model, using the tagline ‘Putting you at the centre of everything we do’.

“The campaign highlights BCAA team members from various departments and gives insight into different roles and personalities in a down to earth, friendly way.

“Customer experience and safety is at the core of the company’s agenda, and Dunstan says the move to become an Authority has enabled them to build on their excellent international reputation. In May of this year, Bermuda Aircraft Registry added its 900th aircraft, a significant milestone which seals its reputation as a responsible, stable and growth-orientated organisation.”

Mr. Dunstan said, “Becoming an Authority has given us more financial autonomy while allowing us to be more customer focused. We work hard to establish trusted relationships with our global partners, and this is how we have been able to achieve building our current registry.”

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